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Introducing New Awesome Additions To Team Build NYC

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Since the turn of the new year, we’ve been introduced to several awesome team building companies in New York City that we’ve been so impressed with, we’ve added them to our list of top companies for local team building activities. Today, we wanted to take a minute to highlight some of our new favorite companies. Check out the list below and, as always, don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s a great team building company out there we should try!

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1. Escape Entertainment Escape Entertainment is all about the heart-pumping team building activities! This international team building company is one of the top live escape the room businesses out there, earning rave reviews from The New York Times:

“The Premier Escape The Room Experience – Setting Its Service Apart From The Rest.”

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2. Ahoy Ahoy is all about tapping into people’s love of food and turning it into a bonding experience. Ahoy offers incredible food tours of one of the best culinary cities in the world. Walking tours include tasty meals and stops at local historical sites and iconic businesses and landmarks.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.20.23 PM

3. Brooklyn Zoo Brooklyn Zoo is a new parkour facility in New York City that emphasizes activity and adrenaline as a team building experience. According to Brooklyn Zoo, their “experience inspires members to overcome obstacles both physical and mental.” Their methods focus on progression and attention to detail.

Museum Hack Turning Heads in the City by the Bay

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Museum Hack is an industry name in company team building in New York, but the renegade museum tour company is also starting to turn heads in Washington, DC and San Francisco. With their latest San Francisco expansion underway, the reviews are starting to roll in for team building activities in San Francisco, and it seems that the Bay Area is a fan of Museum Hack.

Mobile tech company Gigwalk is one of the most recent companies to head on a team building adventure with Museum Hack. The group of more than 30 employees, many of whom work remotely and don’t spend much time together in the office, journeyed to the de Young Museum for an afternoon of team bonding and activities.

Gigwalk Team Building

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DIY Your Next Team Building Event

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Scavenger hunts are one of our absolute favorite team building activities and we were very excited to learn that Team Bonding, one of New York’s top team building companies, has released an app that will let you DIY your next company scavenger hunt.

Team Bonding’s new app is perfect for companies that want to get their team building feet wet without diving all the way in. It’s also a great solution for companies who are looking to boost their team building experiences with a limited budget.

This map shows what the DIY scavenger hunt will look like on the app.

Photo courtesy of

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Bond with your team this summer!

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Summer is almost here and what better time to plan your next company team building event? Summer is the perfect time to get outside, choose an active bonding event, and enjoy a few hours away from the office.

Luckily, there’s always something fun and creative to do outside with your team in the summer months that will help bring your employees back to the office refreshed and ready to tackle their work. Below are a few suggestions for company team building events in New York that are perfect for sweet summertime:

Chelsea Piers – Activity is the name of the team building game at Chelsea Piers! They offer top team building programs that help companies strengthen their workforce. Team building options include Mini-Olympics and experimental games that are tailored according to a certain team building goals. They work closely with their clients to personalize their organizations’ team building program that meets their objectives, goals for development and their desired level of their team’s physical involvement.


Classic Harbor Line – Enjoy the relaxing summer breeze from the water. Classic Harbor Line sails you and your team around the harbor, you’ll play some games and generally just have a good time together, all while enjoy the view from a boat.

classic harbor line boat

Both activities can be designed to fit your group’s mood! Does your team prefer a lot of adrenaline and activity? Check out Chelsea Piers; they’ll help you plan something that’s perfect for your team’s physical abilities. Still want to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors without stirring up competition? Classic Harbor Line’s harbor cruises will let you and your team just do that.

4 Fun (and Delicious!) Team Building Cooking Classes

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Team building can be a lot of things, but one word that may not come immediately to mind when you think of team building is tasty! But there’s a growing trend in corporate events and it’s all about the food. After all, who doesn’t love an incredible home-cooked meal and maybe a nice glass of wine to go with? Below are four wonderful companies in the New York area that specialize in corporate team building with a delicious twist.

1. Pizza A Casa – Pizza is, naturally, this pizza’s school sole focus and what better way to bring together your employees than around a piping hot classic New York pie?


2. Food Fix Kitchen will bring the cooking to you and your team! Teams can choose to work at Food Fix Kitchen’s New Jersey location or the chefs will come straight to your door and set up an unforgettable (and delicious!) team building experience.


3. Rustico Cooking combines two incredible things (Italian food and wine!) and turns them into a wonderful team building experience in New York. In their kitchen set in a loft, Rustico Cooking will have your team laughing, relaxing, and enjoying a wonderful Italian menu paired with special wines and chocolate.


4. Cooking A Cappella takes the already-awesome combination of team building and great food to new heights by mixing in music! Chef Lawrence Rush leads a sing-a-long kitchen cabaret as he takes your team through the process of making a mouth-watering meal.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.40.17 AM

There you have it! Four amazing team building events in New York that will leave your team happy, relaxed, and satisfied. Check back next week for more ideas on how to host a fun team building activity in New York for your company.

Museum Hack Announces New Networking and Social Event

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One of New York’s premiere team building companies is kicking off 2016 with a new, extra-fun networking event. Museum Hack is launching Hacky Meetups, which are designed to help introduce you to dozens of cool new people. Come make new friends, meet new business connections, and spend some time getting to know people outside your typical circles.

Hacky Meetups will all take place around VIP locations in New York City and will include cocktails, tapas, etc. Museum Hack will be on hand to help facilitate conversations and make introductions.


If you’d like to save your spot, you can visit this link . Spaces are limited!

5 Cool Team Building Events in New York

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The thought of team building activities typically inspires images of trust falls, shoes tied into a giant knot, or otherwise not-so-exciting tasks that may give you pause when thinking about setting up a team building event for your own company.

The good news is that team building in New York isn’t like that! And with team building activities proven to help boost your employees’ morale and engagement, why not give one of these five fun, unique companies a shot to show just how cool team building can be.

1. TrivWorksTrivWorks will design a custom trivia night for your employees all with the goal of getting your team talking and bonding! TrivWorks’ magic is in the relaxed, yet competitive atmosphere a fun night out playing a game of trivia creates.

Team Building with TrivWorks

2. Shake Rattle & Roll is a long-running, sold-out, all-request, rock ‘n’ roll party that is the largest piano entertainment company in the Northeast. Shake Rattle & Roll will have your team laughing together all in time to a great beat.


3. Museum Hack – Jump on an incredible scavenger hunt of New York’s best museums with Museum Hack! These completely customized tours of the Met or American Museum of Natural History aren’t your grandma’s museum tour. Your team will spend a couple of hours laughing, learning, and racing each other through museum halls!

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 6.37.22 AM

4. The Art Studio NYThe Art Studio NY will tap into your team’s creative side with a customized art class and workshop! Your team will end up creating something special to take home – and there may even be the chance for a glass of wine!


5. ICE – Bond over good food and conversation! That’s exactly what ICE hopes your team will get out of one of their over 200 professional cooking classes. Your team will pick up a few culinary tricks, but most importantly, will spend time together whipping up something delicious.


Again, team building in New York doesn’t have to inspire dread amongst your team. We’d almost guarantee that your team members will leave one of these five activities asking when the next company outing will be!

3 Ways To Increase Employee Engagement In 2016

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It’s no secret that there’s an engagement problem in today’s workplace. A 2015 Psychometrics Engagement Study found that a whopping 69% of employees believed their company had an engagement problem, while 82% felt it was critical for their organization to address this issue.

It’s also no secret that better engaged employees are better performing employees, and that’s crucial to your success as a company in 2016. Studies have shown almost 80% of employees who considered themselves highly engaged trust their managers, and those employees who feel as though their company values them are 60% more likely to feel motivated to do their absolute best for the business. So why not ring in the new year not only with champagne, but with a renewed commitment to focusing on employee engagement?

Below are three awesome ways to boost your employee morale and help ensure you have a dedicated, committed team.

1) Volunteer together. Paying it forward is never a bad idea, and what better way to inspire feelings of camaraderie than with a team building volunteering event? Spend a day building houses with Habitat for Humanity, serve food at a local soup kitchen, or head down to the animal shelter to get in a little exercise with adorable pooches in need of walks.

2) Have fun together. Team building is a proven strategy for increasing employee engagement and morale, and it doesn’t have to be boring or cheesy. Take Museum Hack’s renegade scavenger hunts of one of the world’s best museums! Museum Hack will have your employees uncovering the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s hidden treasures and hurrying through the museum’s halls in a race to mimic their favorite sculptures. Their incredible tour guides will have your team laughing, competing, and relaxing, all while recharging their batteries as they return to work focused and ready to go.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 6.37.22 AM

3) Celebrate success. Always ensure that your employees’ achievements don’t go unnoticed. Celebrating successes, both big and small, can have a hugely positive impact on your workforce – and that’s critical to keeping your employees happy, engaged, and committed to your company in 2016.

The key is to make your employees feel valued. A happy employee is, in all likelihood, an engaged employee, and it’s clear that engaged employees are simply better for all facets of your business.

TeamBonding Suggests New Year’s Resolutions To Make Your Office Awesome in 2016

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TeamBonding, one of New York’s premiere team building companies, recently published five New Year’s resolutions for 2016 to make your office run better than ever. The top resolution? Be more engaged around the office. TeamBonding suggests better office engagement is the best way to make the company as a whole better, as the good effort of one employee will rub off on others.


Other tips for success? Commit to maintaining a healthier diet, communicate better and more efficiently, push yourself to go above and beyond, and always try to keep a positive attitude.

Read the full article and TeamBonding’s tips for how to achieve your goals here.