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Tell us how you team build!

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We spend a lot of time here talking about our favorite team building activities and offering our best tips, tricks, and strategies for getting the most of our your company team building events.

Now it’s your turn.

We want to know what makes an amazing team building experience for you and your company.
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4 Fun Team Building Activities In NYC

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It’s time to change the way we think about team building.

For many employees, team building evokes images of trust falls or corporate retreats. We’re here to tell you that team building in New York City doesn’t have to be that way! We want to make it something your employees look forward to – and the options in NYC are endless!

Here are four companies that are changing the team building game in the Big Apple:

1. The Art Studio NY – The Art Studio NY will tap into your team’s creative side with a customized art class and workshop! Your team will end up creating something special to take home – and there may even be the chance for a glass of wine!
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Team Building From The Animal Kingdom

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Our friends at Museum Hack recently posted an article we love and want to share with you at Team Build NYC!

Museum Hack took a look at the seven team building lessons we can learn from animals. Check out some of the best team building that happens in the wild below!

The Cattle Egret: Teamwork for the Win

Via Rebecca O’Connor

Via Rebecca O’Connor

The Cattle Egret is often seen perching on cattle or other grazing mammals. The egret eats parasites off of the cattle’s body and often warns about oncoming predators. Cattle shake up grass and dust, disturbing insects for the egret to eat.

Tip: Teamwork between different departments can foster success while communication between different departments builds stronger relationships.
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5 Awesome Cooking Classes For Team Building in NYC

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Nothing brings people together like sharing an amazing meal, so it’s no wonder cooking classes are one of our most popular team building activities for companies in NYC.

There’s no shortage of great choices in the city, but below we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite team building cooking classes. Do you have a favorite that’s not on the list? Let us know!

1. My Cooking Party

They are all about fun! Team building is going to be a party where everyone goes home happy.

2. Brooklyn Wineries

Bring on the wine! This is a classy spot for team building, where your team can learn about the finer points of enjoying a great glass of wine, all while toasting each other.

3. ICE

Learn to do it like the the pros. Institute of Culinary Educatio will impress even the most serious cooks in your group.

4. Brooklyn Kitchen

Brooklyn Kitchen is all about keeping it fresh and local – and completely delicious!

5. Pizza School

There’s nothing like amazing New York Style Pizza so why not learn the art of dough making, topping and cooking a perfect pie?

3 Ways To Upgrade Your Staff With Team Building

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We’re all about team building here at TeamBuildNYC, so we love finding articles and testimonials that extol the virtues of company team building.

In a recent blog post, Museum Hack identified three corporate team building strategies that will instantly upgrade your staff. Museum Hack suggests that the three main elements critical to successful team building are icebreakers that promote fun and bonding, company trainages, and forming deep connections.
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Introducing New Awesome Additions To Team Build NYC

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Since the turn of the new year, we’ve been introduced to several awesome team building companies in New York City that we’ve been so impressed with, we’ve added them to our list of top companies for local team building activities. Today, we wanted to take a minute to highlight some of our new favorite companies. Check out the list below and, as always, don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s a great team building company out there we should try!

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.41.52 AM

1. Escape Entertainment Escape Entertainment is all about the heart-pumping team building activities! This international team building company is one of the top live escape the room businesses out there, earning rave reviews from The New York Times:

“The Premier Escape The Room Experience – Setting Its Service Apart From The Rest.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 6.32.27 AM

2. Ahoy Ahoy is all about tapping into people’s love of food and turning it into a bonding experience. Ahoy offers incredible food tours of one of the best culinary cities in the world. Walking tours include tasty meals and stops at local historical sites and iconic businesses and landmarks.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.20.23 PM

3. Brooklyn Zoo Brooklyn Zoo is a new parkour facility in New York City that emphasizes activity and adrenaline as a team building experience. According to Brooklyn Zoo, their “experience inspires members to overcome obstacles both physical and mental.” Their methods focus on progression and attention to detail.

How To Use Team Building To Boost Employee Engagement

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It’s no secret there’s an engagement problem in today’s workplace. A 2015 Psychometrics Engagement Study found that a jaw-dropping 69% of employees believed their company had an engagement problem, while 82% felt it was critical for their organization to address this issue. That’s a lot of unhappy employees – and a lot of unhappy employees who want their company to fix the problem.

It’s also no secret that better engaged employees are better performing employees, and that’s crucial to your business’ success. Studies have shown almost 80% of employees who considered themselves highly engaged trust their managers, and those employees who feel as though their company values them are 60% more likely to feel motivated to do their absolute best for the business. So what is there to lose by rededicating your company to improving employee engagement?

Below are three great ways to boost employee morale and help ensure you have a dedicated, committed team.

1) Have fun together. Team building is a proven strategy for increasing employee engagement and morale, and it doesn’t have to be boring or cheesy. Take Museum Hack’s renegade scavenger hunts of one of the world’s best museums! Museum Hack will have your employees uncovering the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s hidden treasures and hurrying through the museum’s halls in a race to mimic their favorite sculptures. Their incredible tour guides will have your team laughing, competing, and relaxing, all while recharging their batteries as they return to work focused and ready to go.

2) Volunteer together. Paying it forward is never a bad idea, and what better way to inspire feelings of camaraderie than with a team building volunteering event? Spend a day building houses with Habitat for Humanity, serve food at a local soup kitchen, or head down to the animal shelter to get in a little exercise with adorable pooches in need of walks.

3) Celebrate success. Always ensure that your employees’ achievements don’t go unnoticed. Celebrating successes, both big and small, can have a hugely positive impact on your workforce – and that’s critical to keeping your employees happy, engaged, and committed to your company.

The key is to make your employees feel valued. A happy employee is, in all likelihood, an engaged employee, and it’s clear that engaged employees are better for all facets of your business.

Museum Hack Designs Custom Team Building Scavenger Hunt

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Our friends over at Museum Hack posted recently about a custom-built scavenger hunt they put together for What caught our eye about Museum Hack’s post was the way they highlighted the customer experience from start to finish.

A Museum Hack group on a scavenger hunt.

A Museum Hack group on a scavenger hunt.

According to the post, reached out to Museum Hack with a specific team building goal in mind. The company wanted to promote a certain type of communication – and one that Museum Hack had yet to work with. That, however, didn’t stop the team and they set about creating a team building event for Wix that would emphasize the company’s distinct team building goals.

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Don’t forget the interns! Team building tips for intern orienation

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Our friends over at TeamBonding have tons of great tips and suggestions for team building, and we particularly love their recent blog post reminding employees to pay special attention to interns and intern orientation.

Interns offer a unique opportunity to evaluate, develop, and, theoretically, hire in-house talent. But while businesses are often busy grooming their interns, they may not realize that interns can use their time in the office to evaluate whether this is a company they’d want to work for in the future.

That’s why it’s important for companies to make sure their interns are treated well, and the best way to do that is to get off on the right foot from the very beginning.

Intern orientation lays the foundation for the intern experience within the company and it’s critical to make sure you dedicate the necessary time and resources to ensure this is a great event.

Check out TeamBonding’s intern orientation checklist and the goals they suggest promoting at your orientation here.

And may we suggest incorporating a little team building into the day?

This is a large group of people coming together likely for the first time. It’s critical to make sure they get to know one another quickly, and what better way to do that than with a team building activity? It doesn’t have to be a full-feature event like a tour with Museum Hack or an outing to Chelsea Piers, but take a little time to engage in an in-office team building activity to break the ice and get everyone feeling a little bit more comfortable in their company.