2 Unique Team Building Activities in NYC

Are you a leader? Do you want to work on team building? Would you do anything to bring your team closer so that they can think as one and work efficiently?

Team building activities are important. Especially in a city like New York City, where team members can be busy or spread out across the city. In such situations, putting in efforts to improve team building, can help you create more successful teams.

These 2 team building activities are free!

1. Fire in the building: Choose a member from the group and tell him to act like a baby. There is a huge fire in the building and the rest of the group members have to find a way to help the baby out of the burning building. This activity is fun and perfect for team bonding. 

2. Jingle All the Way: Assign a product to the group. Ask every member to participate in creating a jingle for the product. They’ll think creatively to sell what they have in their hands. 

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