3 Awesome, Active Team Building Activities

Your company team building activities don’t have to involve sitting in poorly lit rooms, going over lame icebreakers, or practicing trust falls. Why not get your team away from their desks and do something that’s not only fun, but active?

Many of us spend too much time sitting during the day. Choosing an awesome and active company team building activity will not only help your group get a little bonus exercise, but it’ll be so much fun, they won’t even realize what’s happening. So go ahead, get out there in the fresh air, and enjoy time together as a team!

Below we list three great team building companies in New York that will help plan an amazing active adventure for your group!

Chelsea Piers – Chelsea Piers is the gold standard for team building with fitness and exercise benefits! There’s something for everyone, whether that be corporate golfing, pick-up games of basketball or soccer, or an afternoon at the batting cages. You can choose from indoor or outdoor activities, but no matter what activity you settle on, you’re sure to get your team members moving together!

The Go Game Guys – The Go Game guys are seriously fun team building. It’s a DIY team building adventure in that you get to choose what your team does and they’ll take care of the rest!

Humans vs. Zombies – Let’s be honest – almost all of us loved a great game of tag in gym class. Humans vs. Zombies will organize a fabulous, huge game of tag for adults! Your team will love being transported back to one of their favorite P.E. activities – Nerf guns included!

There you have it! Three totally awesome team building companies in New York that’ll wow your group with their fun, fresh, and engaging events!