3 Simple Team Building Exercises

Taking time for team building exercises at your company is a great way that to ensure your entire staff is on the same page and working together. If you are looking for some simple team building exercises, that you can do on a break or during a meeting, here are some ideas! These top team building exercises need minimal equipment and planning.


Two Truths and a Lie:

A great activities that to use for introducing new employees, as well as encouraging teams to learn more about each other.  Hand out sheets to each player and have them write down one lie and two truths. After each player has written down their list, each member will be asked to read out the truths and the lie in a random order. Participants will need to guess which response are true and which one is the lie. This game is great for creating constructive conversation and for learning more about employees.


Blind drawing:

In this activity, communication skills are important. Divide players into teams of two and have a stack of pictures for the players to describe. One player is given a photo and while sitting back to back with another player, they describe the image without using words that could it away. The end goal after 20-30 seconds is to have the person who guessing to successfully describe the main subject in one sentence.


Use what you have:

This activity involves creating a challenge for your employees to think on the fly. Create two teams. Each team will be given the same set of supplies. Their end goal will be to solve a particular problem. The first task could be sending an email to someone with certain members of the group only being able to touch certain keys. Or creating a new logo design with nothing but a few simple materials. Divide up into groups, create a time limit and see what amazing things each group comes up with.

If you are looking for excellent activities to use at work, keep these company team building exercises in mind.