4 Fun Team Building Activities in New York

We think team building should be fun here at TeamBuildNYC, so today we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite team building activities that don’t actually feel like team building. Gone are the days of icebreaker questions and trust falls; we’re all about promoting scavenger hunts, zombie battles, and intense battles against the clock as ways to bring your team members closer together.

Check out the list below:

1) Escape the Room NYC will lock your team in a room with just a few of clues showing how to get out. It’s up to your team to work together, find the clues, put all the puzzle pieces together and free themselves before the hour-long timer runs out. Putting your team in an intense setting like this encourages camaraderie, creative and critical thinking skills, and teamwork.

2) Humans vs. Zombies brings all of your zombie nightmares to life in this adult game of what’s essentially tag. Each battle is custom-made for your team based on your team-building goals. Groups duke it out against one another in as they complete missions and play with  foam-blasting darts.

3) Unlock the secrets of some of New York’s best museums with Museum Hack’s scavenger hunts!
Your team will be treated to a completely custom-built hunt designed to connect your team and promote company values. Re-enact famous scenes or mimic portraits with fantastic photo challenges and enjoy a glass of wine along the way.

4) The Go Game Guys are all about fun! Your team will choose what game(s) they’d like to play, and the Go Game Guys will help set it from start to finish. So go ahead, get out of the office, and blow off some steam all while connecting with your employees in a fun, active way.