5 Exceptional HR Manager Jobs Available In NYC

If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. New York City is one of the most culturally diverse, entertaining, and exciting places in the world.

Are you ready to test your HR skills against the best and brightest? New York City is the place for making the move that takes you to the top of the human resources field. Be the best or get left in their dust.

These are five of the many HR manager opportunities in New York City.

1) Nestle Nespresso – HR. Recruiting Manager

This is the headquarters of the Nestle coffee franchising business. The opportunity involves finding the appropriate people for all functions in the organization. This is a perfect start to the big time for a person with two years’ experience. Taleo system experience and experience dealing directly with recruiters are mandatory.

Position is a great chance for multinational experience, continuing education, and travel.

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2) DO & CO New York Catering – H. R. Manager

Join one of the top international catering companies in the world. This job has plenty of opportunity to travel and experience the culture and cuisine of every tourist Mecca in the world.

You need five years’ experience minimum as the head of H.R. You will have 300 direct reports across the globe. Understanding of U. S. law, international law, and the psychology of service are strongly desired. Hands on style, multilingual, and strong computer skills are required.

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3) Fidelity Payment Services – H. R. Manager

HR manager for one of the most respected and financially productive investment organizations on Wall Street. Position involves total H. R. function. Recruiting, hiring, policy development, and H. R. generalist experience required. Five years’ experience with emphasis on payroll and benefits administration are mandatory.

If you can do it all, then you can get it all in this position. Large salary and extensive perks are provided.

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4) Help USA – H. R. Director

Do something good for the less fortunate in all of New York State from the headquarters in New York City. The position is responsible for all H. R. policies and decisions. Incumbent reports to the board of directors. Position requires a master’s degree in H. R. or a closely related field and 10 years H. R. experience. Union relations experience is a necessity. Position involves coordination of volunteer efforts in terms of safety and compliance.

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5) First Republic Bank – H. R. Generalist East Coast

This is a perfect combination of money and power. The position is responsible for all H. R. functions from Vermont to West Palm Beach. Extensive travel is required.

An understanding of the variations in state H. R. regulations is a must. B. S. in H. R. and 10 years’ experience in a senior position are required. An understanding of bank operations is also mandatory.

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