5 Great Debriefing Activities

Debriefing let all the lessons come to the surface, conclusions can be drawn and the concepts are clarified and cemented. Here is a selection of five games that vary in time length and complexity. 

1. Top Five – Have people on the count of three say how their day went for them personally on a scale of one to five, one being worst, five being best.  Have some or everyone share why they picked that number.

2. Thumbs up, thumbs down – Have people “shake it up” (shake their fist) and then, similar to Top Five, show on a scale of thumbs up or down, how good their day was and explain.

3. Koosh Learning Toss – Toss a ball and say something they learning from the session

4. Thank yous– thank someone who is not the instructor for something they did or an idea they shared.  Make sure that person says you’re welcome.

5. Heroes and Yahoos – Who was your hero today?  Did you make a mistake today, and what was it?  It can be helpful for leaders to share their heroes and yahoos, too if they feel its appropriate. Thumbs-Up

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