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Top Team Building Cooking Classes in NYC

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Cooking classes are a super popular idea for Team Building in NYC. It’s easy to see why, you and your team learn some new skills, drink a bit of wine, and share some great homemade food!

Luckily for us, since they are so popular, there are more then a handful to choose from. From learning how to build the perfect New York Style Pizza, to an instructor that specializes in serenading your team as they cook pasta- there is something for every kind of team in the city.

Here are our Top Ten Cooking Class Picks:

1. My Cooking Party

All about fun! They want to make this a party- it is not just about skills, it is really about having a great time together.

2. Cooking by the Book

Cooking by the Book look specifically at your teams needs, and not just inside the kitchen. Their focus is really on working on your teams strengths and weaknesses, helping your team become stronger and better knit.

3. Rustico Cooking Class 

Oh let’s go Italian! These guys specialize in superb Italian food and wine, and the skills it takes to make tasty meals.

4. Brooklyn Wineries

Wine, wine, and more….wine! This is a classy spot, where your team can learn about blending, tasting and wine making, while getting a bit merry with each other.

5. Brooklyn Kitchen

Brooklyn Kitchen is all about fresh and local. High quality, local ingredients drive this cooking course- you won’t find anything else quite like this in the world!

6. ICE

Learn to do it like the the professionals. Institute of Culinary Education’s Cooking course are super diverse, and for people who are serious about learning how to cook well.

7. Natural Gourmet

Is your team a bit on the health conscious side? Natural Gourmet will teach you how to make wholesome, well balanced meals, and can cater to loads of dietary requirements.

8. Pizza School

New York Style Pizza is the best pizza in the world. We believe it, and so does A Casa Pizza School! They will teach you the art of dough making, topping and cooking a perfect pie.

9. Cooking A Cappella

Is your team up for some singing? The charismatic instructor Lawrence Rush creates a truly different cooking course, an evening full of music and good food, for the teams that love to be thoroughly entertained.

10. Food Fix Kitchen

For something more family and home oriented, you can either visit their kitchen in New Jersey, or they will come to you and create an easy, comfortable course for you and your staff.

There are a lot of choices, depending on the preferences and needs of your team, but either way combining some fun and finger-licking food is always a great way to bring people together!

sample Tableau Vivant

Museum Hack Team Building

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One of the Museum Hack customers (who had a great time, but hey – we’re biased) shared this information. They had asked their Lead Guide what type of team building activities could be included on the tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for their company.

One of our favorite team building activities is to have the guests be the tour guides for a moment – in pairs. We encourage guests to pair up with someone they don’t know very well and then we send them off into a specific gallery to find something they connect with. It can be something they love, hate, feel weird about – anything. After selecting a piece, guests can research the piece using Google or the Met’s catalogue, or make up a story of what’s happening, or really whatever! Other less involved activity is playing Tableau Vivant (in which guests recreate a piece with their bodies).

sample Tableau Vivant

Cards Against Humanity as a Team Building Activity

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From the department of WILD AND CRAZY ideas… One of our visitors recently suggested:

Have you ever thought about using Cards Against Humanity for a team bonding activity? I have a small media company and we recently did a little retreat. There are only 5 of us, and we were struggling with what to do. I had Cards Against Humanity, we all end up playing it, and it was pretty fun.

Cards Against Humanity as a Team Building Game

Cool idea! “Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people.” A boxed set includes 550 cards (460 White and 90 Black). Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card.

More Info on Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts

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We’ve had a lot of inquiries about these (Watson Scavenger Hunts in NYC) and wanted to add some more details.

  • Watson Adventures team building activities can accomplish a number of things. It can foster a sense of community and togetherness amongst the employees of your company. It can also give your employees a fantastic, creative way to blow off some steam and have a good time.
  • Their scavenger hunts utilize the location you wish to hold the event at, combining this with a variety of unique touches…. for example, we recently heard from a major NYC consulting company who did a hunt in Midtown for 200+ people using this method.

Other offerings from Watson Adventures:

  • Grab ‘n’ Go Scavenger Hunts are very popular, allowing employees to enjoy all the benefits of a scavenger hunt in virtually any location imaginable.
  • The Trivia Slam activity offers the same benefits as the scavenger hunt, but it is an activity that can be held in settings that do not lend themselves to the scavenger hunt concept.

Animated Video for Team Building

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This was just posted on their blog. The description of the video says:

For more information, visit or email to [email protected] or call 1-800-210-9676. Considering a scavenger hunt or happy hour for your corporate team in NYC? Take a look at Museum Hack! We offer fun, exciting Museum tours as a company offsite. Some of our features include: Amazing Tour Guides, Fun Photo Challenges, and New Scavenger Hunts.
We’re one of the Top 10 TripAdvisor activities in New York City and people LOVE us on Yelp. Find out why, visit our home page at

Top 5 Rooftop Bars for Happy Hour in Manhattan

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When you want to encourage people within your company, there is absolutely nothing better than a group trip to a fabulous bar for happy hour. But when you’re working in Manhattan, there are so many different bars to try, how do you know which ones are the best to go to? Never fear: we have trawled through the lists, and picked out what we think are the top five outdoor rooftop bars for company happy hours in Manhattan.

1. The Press Lounge.
The Press Lounge looks over some of the most iconic areas of Manhattan: Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown, and the Hudson River can all be seen from its gorgeous rooftop. You may find it difficult to leave.

The Press Lounge Rooftop Bar


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[Review] Museum Hack Team Building Museum Tours

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Corporate team building events can often have the reverse effect if the participants are left feeling intentionally manipulated. But Museum Hack approaches team building from an entirely different angle.  This is an innovative new company that offers rather creative tours of some of New York’s most impressive museums.

Rather than the usual stuffy and almost silent walking tours provided by typical tour guides, the leaders of Museum Hack offer a more unique alternative filled with sexy backstories of individual paintings and strange, behind-the-scenes behaviors of the individual painters, sculptors and artists of some of the world’s most magnificent masterpieces.

The team building tours of Museum Hack:

  • Encourages team communication and collaboration
  • Promotes critical thinking skills through creative interaction and debate
  • Expands a team’s visualization techniques through the varying opinions and interpretations of art

Museum Hack can schedule a day tour or nighttime tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art or of the Museum of Natural History, carefully customizing the individual excursion based on the specific qualities or intended team building strategies of the group.  Their tour guides are funny, engaging, silly, and even downright musical at times, but the end result is always a happy team of satisfied customers who have bonded together to learn a new way at looking at any given challenge in a brand new light through the imaginative use of art.