5 Highly Effective Team Bonding Ideas

According to this article by Huffington Post, performance indicators have shown that teams that work together are more efficient/productive than those that work in isolation. In high-pressure environments and at workplaces where the collective effort of many people with varying skillsets are required, it becomes doubly important that team members work as a unit. A good way to bring team members together and foster a good working relationship between them is through team bonding games and activities.

Here are some team bonding ideas that employers/managers can use to get their workers to connect effectively:

Team bonding is a great way to improve office morale.

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5 Simple Team Building Activities

“All work and no play…” is a common saying that alludes to the danger of working all the time without taking a break to relax and have some fun. To avoid the fatigue and inefficiency that comes with incessant working, modern companies have started adopting a schedule that allows their workers to take a rest and play some games to unwind. However, in addition to being fun, there are some office games that have the added advantage of fostering an inter-office relationship between workers.

A Museum Hack group on a scavenger hunt.
A Museum Hack group on a team building scavenger hunt.

Here are some very effective yet simple team building games and activities:
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Interesting Indoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor team building activities hold some advantages over indoor ones: a new environment, the feeling of freedom that comes with being out in the open, and a more extensive list of possible activities. However, there are times when it’s not feasible to organize outdoor events—when there is limited time or the weather is not conducive enough. In cases like these, there is no alternative but to organize an indoor event. Luckily, there are a number of indoor team building activities that bring as much fun (and are as effective) as outdoor games.

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Sidewalk Food Tours

What They Do: Sidewalk Food Tours is an incredible chance for your team to step outside their day-to-day environment and immerse themselves in the city they spend so much time in. Sample the best of the area’s hottest spots, amazing mom-and-pop eateries, and authentic ethnic restaurants.

What Makes Them Special:Their private team building activities, which start at $79pp during the day or $89pp in the evening, include lunch or dinner tastings — and they offer the ability to upgrade to include drinks! Sidewalk Food Tours is committed to showing guests the real side of their city’s incredible, unmatchable food scene.

Quote from the Website:

“I had a great time on this walking tour. Our guide was very generous and made us fell right out home, while he walked us to some of the most delicious, authentic and historical eateries on this side of NYC. From his stories I got a good feeling of the Lower East Side neighborhood: it’s history and cultural influence on the island of Manhattan. I had a wonderful time, and my belly was happily filled with a variety of tastings. I loved experiencing this piece of New York with you.”


Check out their website here:

ScavBoss vs. Watson Adventures

Most times, the pursuit of a common goal is enough to get a team working together. However, there is a vast difference between a good team and a great team; between a good work environment and a work environment that engenders continuous advancement. How happy the workers are and how well they relate with each other is often the biggest differential. According to this infographic, companies with happy employees outperform their competition by 20%. A good way to bring fun into your workplace is through corporate team building exercises. These give workers the opportunity to relate with one another in an informal environment, allowing them to bond and maybe even become friends.

If you are looking to take your workers out on a team building/bonding trip, ScavBoss and Watson Adventures are 2 of the best in the business. In the spirit of good fun, here is how they compare against one another:

What they Offer

ScavBoss offers private/public scavenger hunts and fun activities that foster a connection between team members; mini challenges that get everyone working together, and an option to customize the entire experience to promote the values of the participants’ company. ScavBoss’ hunts are often described as “fast-paced and competitive”, and in addition to an exhilarating experience, prizes are given out at the end.

Watson Adventures also offers private/public scavenger hunts and group hunts. The company was founded by a veteran writer (and editor) and he started by giving tours laced with light-hearted commentary. Over the years, the tours became scavenger hunts.


ScavBoss’ scavenger hunts take place in different settings—parks, resorts, museums, monuments, and more recently, cities. By creating powerful storylines around these places, ScavBoss’ goal is to help participants unearth interesting secrets that would otherwise be overlooked. Team members go through this experience collectively; they complete tasks together, bond over puzzles, and learn new and interesting things.

Watson Adventures’ hunts are characterized by fast-paced games and witty questions that make for a fascinating experience. The whole arrangement was designed to bring the best out of all participants and their website describes it as “walking tours spiked with caffeine”.

Location, location, location

Watson Adventures organize scavenger hunts in 7 cities in the United States, and they promise to deliver a unique experience to all comers.

ScavBoss, on the other hand, focus their attention on New York City and the culture-filled locales that can be found in the Big Apple. Be it at the Grand Central or in the heart of the financial district, ScavBoss creates fun activities and exercises that “build strong teams and improve employee job satisfactions”.

Rave Reviews

Both companies have worked with some of the top brands in the world. ScavBoss, especially, has provided corporate team building services to companies you’re likely to see among “the best places to work on earth”. The likes of Google, Facebook, LEGO, Foursquare, KPMG and so on.

If you are looking to improve the relationship between your workers and foster a healthy work environment in New York, ScavBoss is, without doubt, your best bet.

Sea the City

What They Do:  Safe, unforgettable, and exciting Jet Ski Tours on the NYC harbor.

What Makes Them Special: Their Jet Ski Tours are ideal for corporate events of any kind, including building strong work teams, or rewarding outstanding employees as a corporate travel incentive and hosting and entertaining favorite clients.

Company Outings Offer:

  • Tours for Groups up to 50 People
  • 2 Restaurants to Choose From
  • Unforgettable Views

Quote from the Website:

review rating 5  

“I had so much fun – we were out there in November 2017! Wearing the winter suits – I had no problems with the cold! It was breathtaking seeing the city from the water! The staff is super nice and fun and well trained – I felt absolutely safe! I will tell my friends this is a must when visiting New York City – such a unique experience!”

-Danielle Winter

Contact: (866) 462-4565

Check out their website here:

Court 16

What They Do: From team-building exercises to inter-office competitions, Court 16 customizes innovative tennis events to engage and inspire. Let their team help your team spur newfound creativity, cooperation, and togetherness.

What Makes Them Special: Their workshops are customized to engage and inspire so your team leaves refreshed and reconnected. There is no better way to get those innovative ideas flowing than with a day of activity and friendly competition. All you need to do is show up with your A-game!


[email protected]

Check out their website here:

Brooklyn Zoo NY

What They Do:  Brooklyn Zoo NY is New York City’s newest parkour training facility that revolutionizes the art of movement and fitness.

What Makes Them Special: They offer experiences that inspire guests to overcome both physical and mental obstacles.


Contact: call 1 (347) 987-3228 or email [email protected] to book a corporate event.

Check out their website here:

Ahoy New York Tours & Tasting

What They Do: Offer a chance to taste your way through New York City’s most exciting neighborhoods with food tasting walking tours: the ultimate combination of culture, history, food, and fun!

What Makes Them Special: Their New York food tours include meal-like portions & visits to historical sites & hidden gems, some over 100 years old. Each food tasting tour features a professional guide, anxious to enhance your NYC experience.

Quote from the Website:

“I loved the tour before it even started. Ahoy New York is run by Alana Hoye, who is a New York food expert. Her specialty is Chinatown and Little Italy, and she’s spent the past three years perfecting this three hour tour. In between tastings Alana and her assistant Ray filled us in on the history of the two neighborhoods (fascinating) and pointed out landmarks like New York’s first tenement building. Not to mention a TON of recommendations on which restaurants to try (and which to avoid). We left VERY full and happy.”

-Twenty-Something Travel


(646) 681-3994

[email protected]

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Escape Entertainment

What They Do: Host epic escape room adventures.

What Makes Them Special: Their world-class escape room games have been curated by Hollywood and Broadway set designers to provide you with a truly immersive experience. They are the largest team building venue in NYC and can customize events for most any group size, with the capacity to host 200 or more participants from the same organization per day.

Quote from the Website:

“This was one of the best team offsite activities I think I’ve ever participated in!…I highly recommend this place for both business and pleasure.”

-John J.

“5th escape room I’ve tried and really puts the others to shame. The staff was AMAZING and the rooms are like movie sets.”

-Tim M.


+1 (646) 964-5783

[email protected]