Brooklyn Winery’s Team Building Events

What They Do: Serve your staff wine and food, and let them get merry in a calm and sophisticated atmosphere.

How They Do it: Brooklyn Winery has a variety of things you can do, while drinking wine of course! From games, to pairings, tastings and a full blown wine-making sessions, they will help you customize an event that suite your team.

What makes them Special: The events are well planned, and the venue is beautiful. They will take care of the whole event, start to finish, so all you have to do is relax, and enjoy some fine wine.

Quote from the Site: 

“Our rustic, repurposed wood furnishings combined with an industrial feel provide an amazing ambiance and backdrop for client entertaining, mixers, and team building events. Brooklyn Winery is an all-inclusive venue, so we take care of a lot of the planning to make your event seamless.”

Who should you contact:

Brooklyn Winery, 213 North 8th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 U.S.A

Phone: 347-763-1506