Don’t forget the interns! Team building tips for intern orienation

Our friends over at TeamBonding have tons of great tips and suggestions for team building, and we particularly love their recent blog post reminding employees to pay special attention to interns and intern orientation.

Interns offer a unique opportunity to evaluate, develop, and, theoretically, hire in-house talent. But while businesses are often busy grooming their interns, they may not realize that interns can use their time in the office to evaluate whether this is a company they’d want to work for in the future.

That’s why it’s important for companies to make sure their interns are treated well, and the best way to do that is to get off on the right foot from the very beginning.

Intern orientation lays the foundation for the intern experience within the company and it’s critical to make sure you dedicate the necessary time and resources to ensure this is a great event.

Check out TeamBonding’s intern orientation checklist and the goals they suggest promoting at your orientation here.

And may we suggest incorporating a little team building into the day?

This is a large group of people coming together likely for the first time. It’s critical to make sure they get to know one another quickly, and what better way to do that than with a team building activity? It doesn’t have to be a full-feature event like a tour with Museum Hack or an outing to Chelsea Piers, but take a little time to engage in an in-office team building activity to break the ice and get everyone feeling a little bit more comfortable in their company.

NFL Team Bonds By Giving Back Through Team Building

The NFL offseason is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean one pro team isn’t taking every opportunity to gel off-the-field with the hopes that it just may improve team chemistry on the field.

Earlier this month, the Tenneeseean reported that the  Tennessee Titans’ organization came together to help mothers and their babies in need of help in the Nashville area. It was the second annual Titan Up for Tots Baby Shower event where players, coaches, front office staff, and even the team’s cheerleaders came together to fill almost 2,000 baby bags with all sorts of necessities for moms and their children.

Head coach Mike Mularkey thinks the experience off the field will help the team reap rewards on game day. He told the Tennesseean:

“Everything we do is team building. It really is. This is great. It’s fun to watch these guys, they’ve been out here for two hours practicing. They’ve been here all day and they come out here and have a little fun together. And it’s for a good cause.”

The team’s general manager liked Mularkey’s approach, noting:


Go Green & Bond With Your Team

TeamBonding is one of our favorite company’s doing team building for businesses and we love their latest suggestions on turning your office eco-friendly!

With Earth Day right around the corner (tomorrow!), it’s time to focus on how to be a little kinder to the environment, especially at work. We think a focus on going green can be an awesome way to work a little team building into your day-to-day lives at the office without making it feel like a forced bonding activity.
Here are some of TeamBonding’s five tips on how to focus more on reducing your environmental footprint at work:
  • Reduce paper waste – We all know to stop printing wherever possible, but TeamBonding says the number one way we waste paper is with paper towels! Make an effort to use just one paper towel each time you wash your hands, and the environment will thank you. Encourage your teammates to do the same!
  • Reduce less plastic – There are numerous ways we use plastic when we don’t have to: water bottles, plates, cutlery, baggies. Invest in reusable products – bring regular forks, spoons, and knives to your desk, pick up a lunchbox, and snag a gorgeous refillable water bottle. If your team uses plastic cups at the water cooler, try to come up with a solution to replace them!

Read the rest of the post at here:

TeamBonding Announces New Corporate Team Building Events

One of New York’s premiere corporate team building companies has announced three new escape-the-room-style team building events. TeamBonding’s new activities include three games that force teams to work together to free themselves from a seemingly impossible-to-escape room. The games include:

  • Safe Cracker – Safe Cracker comes to you! It’s a mobile escape room with a countdown clock that really encourages team members to feel the pressure and work together. Your team won’t have to travel to experience the benefits of company team building.

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Finding Company Team Building Opportunities In Unexpected Places

We spend a lot of time here at TeamBuildNYC talking about company team building events. These are all intentional team building activities where a business makes a conscious decision to invest in and reap the rewards of professional team development. We don’t, however, spend a lot of time talking about what happens to the team that’s gone through training when they’re back in the daily grind at the office.

A recent blog post at got us thinking – there are opportunities for companies to reap the rewards of team building around them. The good folks over at were building a new website and by the end of the project, they realized it had been a complete and total team effort – one that wouldn’t have been possible without such a strong, cohesive unit.

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Chelsea Piers Announces Spring Classes

Chelsea Piers, one of New York’s top team building companies, announced its spring class and group offerings this month.

From gymnastics to soccer leagues to rock climbing, Chelsea Piers is confident they have something that will appeal to everyone. For more information on Chelsea Piers’ offerings, visit their website.

Chelsea Piers boasts an 80,000-square foot Field House that is perfect for any size corporate outing or team bonding event. Teams can choose from various events such as hanging out in the batting cages, rock climbing, a pick-up game of basketball, or a friendly match of soccer. Chelsea Piers also offers on-site catering to take your New York team building event to the next level.



3 Fun Team Building Activities in New York

Team building is an important investment for every company. When you plan fun team activities, your people feel relaxed and committed. Team building is also a great way to reward your staff after a stressful project or deadline, and can be a great to to improve communication among team members. The idea is that when your employees play together, they learn how to solve problems with each other too!

Following is a list of 3 fun team building activities that you can do with your team in NYC. Continue reading