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Forbes: Warning Signs Your Company Needs Team Building

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For many, company team building can be seen as a luxury rather than a necessity, but that may not always be the case. In fact, your company could be suffering from a lack of engaging, fun team building activities. Below are eight signs from Forbes that your business needs to seriously consider investing in team building:

  • Employees aren’t seeing eye to eye.
  • You notice signs like people gossiping in hushed whispers, politics are more engaging than actual work, and it’s the same people over and over speaking up in meetings.
  • Your team isn’t collaborating.
  • Company performance is down, processes are breaking down, and you people are often lady o absent.
  • Team building is a good idea for any team, regardless of these warning signs!
  • Your team doesn’t have clear goals, the goals that do exist aren’t being met, and there’s a lack of focus in meetings.
  • Team members are battling among each other.
  • You’ve recently introduced new products or processes.

For more information on any of these eight warning signs that your team needs to bond, check out the full article on

The Truth About Employee Engagement

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Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 8.33.16 AM

Employee engagement is one of the most important factors in determining the overall health of your company. Think about it – employees who are happy at work are more likely to be productive, better workers, and loyal to the business. Studies have shown that disengaged employees are detrimental to many facets of a company, including the business’ bottom line. Can your company afford to employ unhappy workers?

In the 2014 TINYpulse Employee Engagement and Organizational Culture Report, more than 500 organizations were surveyed, and many of the numbers are grim:

  • Close to 80% of workers don’t feel that they’re strongly valued by their companies.
  • At least 25% of employees don’t have the tools they need to do their jobs well.
  • Two-thirds of workers don’t see opportunities for advancement in their current positions.
  • About half of employees don’t care for their boss.

Perhaps even more telling from the survey? The top reason employees go above and beyond in the workplace isn’t because they love their jobs or want to see the company succeed or think there may be more money in it for them; it’s because of their coworkers and camaraderie.

With that in mind, team building can offer the perfect solution. Employees who routinely undergo fun, exciting team building activities are likely happier and more engaged in the workplace. That alone has enormous benefits for your company. The other boost? Team building strengthens bonds within your workplace, thus creating workers who are even more willing to go the extra mile for the company.

If you haven’t given team building a try yet, why not? There’s much more to gain than there is to lose.

How Team Building Influences Britain’s Davis-Cup Winning National Team

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Team building isn’t just for business and companies. It plays a surprising but important role anytime there are groups of people working together to reach a common goal. The team captain of Britain’s Davis Cup-winning national tennis team recently spoke about how crucial team building was for his group.

Britain's cup winning team. Photo Credit: REX

Britain’s cup winning team. Photo Credit: REX

According to Davis, the eight secrets to team building success are:

  1. Always maintain eye contact.
  2. Base difficult decisions on facts, not emotions.
  3. Let everyone stick to their usual habits and routines.
  4. Everyone needs to broaden their skillset.
  5. Never let your work environment go stale.
  6. Good teams are built on good preparation.
  7. Encourage the classic principles of hard work and reward.
  8. Teams don’t work unless everyone is having fun.

You can read more about Leon Smith’s team building secrets and why these are his eight commandments for success here:

We’d love to know what you think! Do you agree with Leon Smith or do you think his secrets need a little tweaking? Let us know in the comments!



DIY Your Next Team Building Event

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Scavenger hunts are one of our absolute favorite team building activities and we were very excited to learn that Team Bonding, one of New York’s top team building companies, has released an app that will let you DIY your next company scavenger hunt.

Team Bonding’s new app is perfect for companies that want to get their team building feet wet without diving all the way in. It’s also a great solution for companies who are looking to boost their team building experiences with a limited budget.

This map shows what the DIY scavenger hunt will look like on the app.

Photo courtesy of

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3 Fun, Effective Corporate Team Building Activities in New York

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We’ve spent a lot of time on the blog lately talking about why you should invest in corporate team building for your employees and your company, but today we’d like to look at what you should do when you make the great decision to invest in a team bonding event in New York.

TeamBuildNYC is full of wonderful companies that all offer fantastic team building activities throughout the Big Apple. Below are some of our favorite activities:

  • Pick up a new skill in the kitchen. There are several fabulous cooking class companies here on TeamBuildNYC. There’s nothing like coming together as a group around the stove and with a delicious meal. Can you think of anyone on your team who wouldn’t want to get out of the office, let loose, and take in an incredible lunch all at the same time? We didn’t think so!

cooking class for teams

  • Laugh. Learn how to make others laugh. Improv is a sneaky team building event because you don’t necessarily realize you’re bonding – or picking up great new skills that will translate well to the office. Improv is all about thinking fast on your feet, coming up with quick and creative solutions that will keep people happy, and keeping your cool under pressure. Who doesn’t want those traits in their employees?


  • Be active. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing quite like the smell of competition. Find something fun and unique for your team building activity – may we suggest a scavenger hunt or a giant organized game of adult tag? Perhaps you think your team might like to battle a herd of zombies. No matter what your team’s interests are, you can no doubt find an incredible team building company to match.


Museum Hack ID’s 3 Strategies To Upgrade Your Team

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We’re all about team building here at TeamBuildNYC, so we love finding articles and testimonials that extol the virtues of company team building.

Last week, Museum Hack identified three corporate team building strategies that will instantly upgrade your staff. Museum Hack suggests that the three main elements critical to successful team building are icebreakers that promote fun and bonding, company trainages, and forming deep connections.


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3 Fun and Active Team Building Events!

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Corporate team building doesn’t have to be boring or involve sitting around conference tables, getting to know your coworkers through ice breaker questions or otherwise routine methods. Why not shake things up a bit and get active with your team?

For many of us, our jobs involve spending much of the day sitting in front of a computer screen. What better way to treat your employees than by getting them up from their desks and outside into the fresh air for a fun, active team building event?

Below are three cool companies in New York that are revolutionizing corporate team building with on-the-go activities!

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4 Fun (and Delicious!) Team Building Cooking Classes

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Team building can be a lot of things, but one word that may not come immediately to mind when you think of team building is tasty! But there’s a growing trend in corporate events and it’s all about the food. After all, who doesn’t love an incredible home-cooked meal and maybe a nice glass of wine to go with? Below are four wonderful companies in the New York area that specialize in corporate team building with a delicious twist.

1. Pizza A Casa – Pizza is, naturally, this pizza’s school sole focus and what better way to bring together your employees than around a piping hot classic New York pie?


2. Food Fix Kitchen will bring the cooking to you and your team! Teams can choose to work at Food Fix Kitchen’s New Jersey location or the chefs will come straight to your door and set up an unforgettable (and delicious!) team building experience.


3. Rustico Cooking combines two incredible things (Italian food and wine!) and turns them into a wonderful team building experience in New York. In their kitchen set in a loft, Rustico Cooking will have your team laughing, relaxing, and enjoying a wonderful Italian menu paired with special wines and chocolate.


4. Cooking A Cappella takes the already-awesome combination of team building and great food to new heights by mixing in music! Chef Lawrence Rush leads a sing-a-long kitchen cabaret as he takes your team through the process of making a mouth-watering meal.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.40.17 AM

There you have it! Four amazing team building events in New York that will leave your team happy, relaxed, and satisfied. Check back next week for more ideas on how to host a fun team building activity in New York for your company.

Museum Hack Announces New Networking and Social Event

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One of New York’s premiere team building companies is kicking off 2016 with a new, extra-fun networking event. Museum Hack is launching Hacky Meetups, which are designed to help introduce you to dozens of cool new people. Come make new friends, meet new business connections, and spend some time getting to know people outside your typical circles.

Hacky Meetups will all take place around VIP locations in New York City and will include cocktails, tapas, etc. Museum Hack will be on hand to help facilitate conversations and make introductions.


If you’d like to save your spot, you can visit this link . Spaces are limited!

5 Cool Team Building Events in New York

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The thought of team building activities typically inspires images of trust falls, shoes tied into a giant knot, or otherwise not-so-exciting tasks that may give you pause when thinking about setting up a team building event for your own company.

The good news is that team building in New York isn’t like that! And with team building activities proven to help boost your employees’ morale and engagement, why not give one of these five fun, unique companies a shot to show just how cool team building can be.

1. TrivWorksTrivWorks will design a custom trivia night for your employees all with the goal of getting your team talking and bonding! TrivWorks’ magic is in the relaxed, yet competitive atmosphere a fun night out playing a game of trivia creates.

Team Building with TrivWorks

2. Shake Rattle & Roll is a long-running, sold-out, all-request, rock ‘n’ roll party that is the largest piano entertainment company in the Northeast. Shake Rattle & Roll will have your team laughing together all in time to a great beat.


3. Museum Hack – Jump on an incredible scavenger hunt of New York’s best museums with Museum Hack! These completely customized tours of the Met or American Museum of Natural History aren’t your grandma’s museum tour. Your team will spend a couple of hours laughing, learning, and racing each other through museum halls!

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 6.37.22 AM

4. The Art Studio NYThe Art Studio NY will tap into your team’s creative side with a customized art class and workshop! Your team will end up creating something special to take home – and there may even be the chance for a glass of wine!


5. ICE – Bond over good food and conversation! That’s exactly what ICE hopes your team will get out of one of their over 200 professional cooking classes. Your team will pick up a few culinary tricks, but most importantly, will spend time together whipping up something delicious.


Again, team building in New York doesn’t have to inspire dread amongst your team. We’d almost guarantee that your team members will leave one of these five activities asking when the next company outing will be!