Chelsea Piers

The Chelsea Piers Sports & Entertainment Complex is a 28-acre waterfront sports village located between 17th and 23rd Streets along Manhattan’s Hudson River. This $120 million, privately-financed project opened in 1995, transforming four historic, but long-neglected, piers into a major center for public recreation and waterfront access. Situated on Piers 59, 60 and 61 and in the head house that connects them, the Complex features the following sports and entertainment venues:

  • The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers
  • The Sports Center Health Club at Chelsea Piers
  • Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers
  • The Field House at Chelsea Piers
  • Bowlmor Chelsea Piers
  • PIER SIXTY at Chelsea Piers
  • THE LIGHTHOUSE at Chelsea Piers
  • Chelsea Piers Maritime Center
  • Studios at Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers, a leading team building company in NYC, continues to offer cutting edge team building programs and other services that helps companies and organizations strengthen their workforce for them to grow and profit on their operation. The company helps organizations design different team building activities that could help them grow and succeed.

Chelsea Piers offers team building packages that are tailored to help groups and companies in improving their collaboration. They deliver custom designed programs that primarily focus in team skills as well as leadership that are essential to the success of any organization. The company comprises a team of experienced instructors who combine their leading edge theory with carefully selected intellectual, creative and physical challenges that enable produce participants with exciting educational experience in a comfortable learning environment.

The company provides 2 unique packages for groups of 15 to 250 including Mini-Olympics and experimental games that are tailored according to a certain team building goals. They work closely with their clients to personalize their organizations’ team building program that meets their objectives, goals for development and their desired level of their team’s physical involvement.

What They Offer

Chelsea Piers helps organizations achieve their goals for stronger workforce through the following offers:

  • Experimental Games. The experimental games is a team building program that is designed to develop and improves a group morale, communication skills and build their trust. Experimental games from Chelsea Piers are delivered by the company’s experienced facilitators tailored according to group’s objectives as well as goals for the day. These games involves the following:
    • Blind square
    • Blind trust walk
    • Bull ring
    • Helium hoops
    • Corporate connection
    • Mat stacking challenge
    • River rapids
    • Hula hoops toss
    • Key punch
    • Octagon to success
    • Spider web
    • Tower power
    • Marbels to market
    • Charades and Pictionary
    • Mini Olympics.  The mini Olympics package from Chelsea Piers brings the team for competitive yet fun outing. The company’s staff tailors activities based on the team’s preferences as well as physical activities’ desired levels. They use state of the art equipments and facilities that bring a blast to participants while they are getting to know each other well. These activities include the following:
      • Dodgeball
      • Free throw competition
      • Obstacle course/relay race
      • Gladiator games
      • Rocky climbing relay race
      • Moonball
      • Sand volleyball
      • Table tennis
      • Tug-of-war
      • Speed stacks
      • Sling shot baseball
      • Pass, catch and end zone
      • Hot shot competition
      • Phil up mccann
      • Tower power
      • Mat stacking challenge

The benefits of team building programs from Chelsea Piers

With effective team building programs, groups and organizations can:

  • Build better relationship among staffs and management as well as show better collaboration in the organization’s workforce
  • Develop a positive and productive working environment
  • Learn creative as well as strategic ways to reach their organizational goals and objectives
  • Business can learn insightful ways on how they could manage their workforce better
  • Boost staffs and managers’ leadership skills essential to organization’s better operation
  • Develop individuals’ talent and discover their hidden potentials that might be helpful both on their personal and organizational success.