Classic Harbor Line NYC Team Builders

What They Do: They sail you and your team around the harbour, you play some games and generally just have a good time together, on a boat!

How They Do it: They will pick your team up from one of the 5 marinas in New York City, you will ride around on the boat for a specified amount of time, whether it is to have dinner, or play games together, listen to some jazz- there are a lot of options, depending on what would suite your team best.

What makes them Special: It is on a boat! It is a unique kind of event to host, you really escape the city vibe, and do something completely different. Also, there are many options for what to do while you are on the boat, finding something that would suite your team is a breeze.

Quotes from their Website: 

Bring a smile and a willingness to learn and try new things. This is a unique opportunity to learn a lot of interesting information from experienced, professional sailors. It’s going to be insightful and a lot of fun!”

“Perfect for any corporate team-building event, the schooners have a fun, competitive, and educational team-building program. With hands-on activities, teams will not only have a great time but will also collectively learn about the basics of sailing and line-handling.”

Visit their Website:

Chelsea Piers, Suite 103 New York, NY 10011