Cooking A Cappella


What They Do: They offer cooking classes that will suit a variety of different tastes and needs, but with a bit of twist!

How They Do it: Lawrence Rush is a one man show, who will create a menu for you and your team, and then teach you how to make the meal, while being a humorous entertainer, ensuring it is a fun and fantastic event.

What makes them Special: This is no ordinary cooking class, this is a sing-a-long, kitchen cabaret!

Quotes from the Website:

“Learn skills that will lift your meals out of the ordinary! We bring everything and do all of the clean up…you just learn, eat and enjoy!”

“Cooking classes, especially ours, are a great way to get people working together to arrive at a common goal.The addition of singing in our classes adds another level of community building, as well. Stress-reducing and smile-inducing, our cooking classes and cheese tastings bring people together, creating team spirit and happy stomachs at the same time!”


How to cook Chilla with Lawrence Rush, The Singing Chef from Blue Bliss on Vimeo.

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