Finding Company Team Building Opportunities In Unexpected Places

We spend a lot of time here at TeamBuildNYC talking about company team building events. These are all intentional team building activities where a business makes a conscious decision to invest in and reap the rewards of professional team development. We don’t, however, spend a lot of time talking about what happens to the team that’s gone through training when they’re back in the daily grind at the office.

A recent blog post at got us thinking – there are opportunities for companies to reap the rewards of team building around them. The good folks over at were building a new website and by the end of the project, they realized it had been a complete and total team effort – one that wouldn’t have been possible without such a strong, cohesive unit.

It was a chance for the team to put what they knew and had learned through their time in team building activities to the test. It required several people coming together to executive a cohesive vision for the good of the company. At the end of the day, their project was an incredible success because they knew how to function as a team.

Tell us – have there been projects in your office that went smoothly in part because of the skills and bonding you’d learned during team building activities? Or maybe you can think of a time when the group could have benefited on a project from a team building event? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!