Food Fix Kitchen Cooking Classes

What They Do: Chef Rachel works with your team in a more family, homey type of environment, teaching your team easy, but fantastic kitchen skills!

How They Do it: You and your team can either go to their fabulous and friendly kitchen space in New Jersey, or if that is too far a trek, they will come to your space and set up the cooking course for you and your team there!

What makes them Special: Chef Rachel is really family oriented, creating a real personable and comfortable building environment for team building.

Quotes from the Website:

“My teaching style is all about honesty, laughter, spontaneity and being at ease in the kitchen. I love cooking because you have to focus on the here and now—after all, knives and fire are involved! Whether peeling vegetables or stirring a pot or salting to taste you must tune into your instincts and senses pushing everything else you have to worry to the back burner. Pun intended!”

“We’ve developed some popular classes that are both challenging and delicious and fit a wide-range of skill levels. We can design a custom menu for your event, or  I’ll send you a selection of menus to see which whets your appetite, and then once you choose one, we can “tweek” it a bit to fit your’s or your guest’s food likes, dislikes, or allergens.”