Forbes: Warning Signs Your Company Needs Team Building

For many, company team building can be seen as a luxury rather than a necessity, but that may not always be the case. In fact, your company could be suffering from a lack of engaging, fun team building activities. Below are eight signs from Forbes that your business needs to seriously consider investing in team building:

  • Employees aren’t seeing eye to eye.
  • You notice signs like people gossiping in hushed whispers, politics are more engaging than actual work, and it’s the same people over and over speaking up in meetings.
  • Your team isn’t collaborating.
  • Company performance is down, processes are breaking down, and you people are often lady o absent.
  • Team building is a good idea for any team, regardless of these warning signs!
  • Your team doesn’t have clear goals, the goals that do exist aren’t being met, and there’s a lack of focus in meetings.
  • Team members are battling among each other.
  • You’ve recently introduced new products or processes.

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