Fun Group Activities for Adults

Happy New Year! Are you starting to think about team building in 2019?

In offices where there are more adult-aged employees or a near-equal mix of youth and adults, it may be important to organize games that are fun for the adults as well as the young employees. For example, 50-year-olds may not find so much excitement in games like “helium stick” or “silent circle”; these pose too much physical toll and over time, they may get bored.

Here are some ideas for fun group activities that adults (and everyone else, really) can enjoy:

Scavenger Hunts

A Scavenger hunt brings out the child in everyone and you see adults running around to complete their tasks before other participants. Fast-paced games, mini-challenges, goofy tasks, and fun activities in the outdoors; what can beat this? ScavBoss organizes adult-themed scavenger hunts in choice locations in New York, and their hunts promise unrestrained fun and a great bonding experience for teams.


Speaking of outdoors fun, bowling is another rip-roaring proposition. Popular to the point of being cliché, people often balk at bowling when considering fun activities. A good thing about bowling, though, is: it doubles as a fun activity and it has some physical health benefits. Also, there are no bad bowlers; it only takes a few tries for an amateur to become fairly good at bowling.

Board Games

Checkers (Draughts)

A board game that is as old as time itself, Checkers remains as entertaining as ever. It is a 2-player game but multiple board sets may be set-up to cater to large groups. A Checkers set includes a checkerboard and two sets of chips (one dark-colored and the other, a bit lighter).

Most checkers games start out competitive, with lots of strategic maneuvering by the players. After some time, however, players have been known to abandon strategy and focus on how fun the game is.


Scrabble is a very popular board game and it is the world’s foremost word game. As many as 4 players may play at once, taking turns to form dictionary words on the board and earning points for correct entries; extra points are earned if the words are arranged in such a way that they fall on tiles with double and triple word—or letter—score. Scrabble does not only offer endless fun, it also serves to improve vocabulary and literary skills.


The Parker Brothers created the game “Monopoly” in 1933 and till date, it remains of the most entertaining board games around. As many as 10 players roll dice to acquire real estate and develop the property. They then charge rent when other players land on their property. Monopoly is a miniature and somewhat “comical” representation of how business is done in the real world, but as mentioned above, it promises fun, laughter, and camaraderie.

The activities above do not only offer fun and laughter, they are also beneficial to participants’ mental and physical health. Furthermore, people of all ages enjoy them on a regular basis, making them viable alternatives for workplaces with ranging age classes.