Fun Group Activities in NYC

Some people have lived in New York for decades but haven’t had the chance to visit most of its historic sites. They pass by these places on their way to work and admire it from afar with plans to visit, but they never find the time. As a company, startup, or nonprofit in NY, you can organize outings to these sites and help your employees find the fun they’ve been missing out on.

Here are some exciting places for fun group activities in New York:

New York City Tours

New York City is home to lots of historic and picturesque locations (Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Lower East Side, Harlem, Niagara Falls, the Empire State Building, and the Grand Central Station to mention a few). There are lots of local tour companies that help groups find some excitement while visiting these choice locations.

Be it through helicopter tours or walking tours, these places hold interesting bits of history and learning new—and interesting—things together is a profound bonding experience.

ScavBoss’ Scavenger Hunt

As mentioned above, New York is filled with hundreds of amazing scenes & sites and each of them is a potential location for awesome scavenger hunts. Companies looking to give their workers a good time and at the same time, provide them with a wholesome team-building experience will be wise to take advantage of what ScavBoss offers. Fast-paced and competitive games, hunts, hundreds of funny photos, and prizes for all hunters. Fun doesn’t get better than this.

Visit The Art Studio NY

The New York Art Studio is an attractive destination for groups looking to loosen up and tap into their creative side. Co-workers can bond while learning expression using mixed media, how to oil paint, and drawing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Instructors at the Art Studio comprise both amateur and professional artists, and participants stand to benefit from one-on-one coaching. It doesn’t matter if you don’t really know how to paint, all that’s needed is the willingness to try something new and the ability to have fun while doing so.

Pedal Boating from Flushing Meadows—Corona Park

The iconic Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens NY is another fun spot for groups—be it corporate teams on a team-building trip or friends looking for some excitement. The child-like thrill of traveling down the lake on a paddle boat is unrivaled, and there are lots of exciting sights in the park.

The 1939 and 1964 World Fairs were held there and it remains home to notable landmarks like Citifield (home ground of the New York Mets), the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (which hosts the US Open), the New York State Pavilion, and the Unisphere.

There are lots of historic locations and landmarks in New York City and lots of fun to be had in and around these locations. In addition to the excitement of seeing new places and meeting new people, game activities can be organized to spice up the entire experience. Co-workers looking to bond and create new memories will surely find avenues to do so in the Big Apple.