Fun Office Games for Employees

If you are looking to help your employees and co-workers relax and have fun without going out of your way or spending too much money, here are some interesting and fun office games for employees:

You don’t need to travel far to enjoy fun office games with team building benefits.

Belly Balloon

Belly balloon will have the whole office laughing without inhibition in a matter of minutes. Apart from bringing endless fun, however, it also has the added advantage of simplicity. All you need are balloons and droopy-shouldered workers. Here is how it works: a balloon is placed at the stomach-level of 2 workers and both participants have to work together to burst each one. The pair that burst the most balloons within a set timeframe wins.

NB: Only people who are mutually comfortable in each other’s company should be paired for this game.


Workers get to strut their stuff on the stage. The music stars in the office get to show off and those who are too shy to partake will, at least, get a good laugh out of the spectacle. Prizes may be given out to spice things up a bit; extra points for nice costumes will also take things up a notch.

There is no need to go out too, the whole setup can be done in the office with speakers and Karaoke apps for Android and iOS-based devices.

Hole Tarp

Another very simple game, hole tarp is particularly popular amongst kids. However, there is no rule against adults enjoying it too. A circular tarpaulin the size of a queen-sized bedsheet (or smaller, depending on the number of participants) is provided, and a hole is made in the middle of the tarp. The tarp is held around the edges by the participants and they move it around from side-to-side—in a wave-like motion—as a ball is placed on it. The goal here is that the ball doesn’t fall through the hole in the middle of the tarp. This is not as easy as it sounds and it is much more fun.

Heads Up

Heads Up is a popular game on TV shows and the reason why is obvious; it combines thrilling fun with problem solving and a light, healthy competition. To play this in the office, an Android/iOS application is required. Participants are split into pairs, and partners sit across from each other. One of them, say Partner A, holds the phone to their head. The phone displays easily-recognizable words, names of celebrities, or actions. Partner B then has to demonstrate, without talking, what they see on the screen. Following this demonstration, Partner A, who can’t see the phone, has to guess what is being displayed on the screen.

Blind Retriever

Blind retriever is another fun game that can be played in the office. Participants are shared into groups and each group puts forward a volunteer to be blindfolded. Objects are then placed in an open space riddled with obstacles, and the blindfolded parties have to retrieve the objects with guidance from their group members. Expect lots of falling over, laughter and bonding.

The effect of fun office games cannot be overstated. It helps relieve work tension, it improves camaraderie among co-workers, making it easier for them to cooperate and work together for the good of the company.