Get Your Team Laughing With Comedy Team Building Activities

Everyone loves to have a great time and a fun, relaxing afternoon or evening out can be a great opportunity to bring people together. That’s why we think comedy and improv team building activities are one of the best ways to work team building into your business.

Comedy team building is full of benefits other than just inspiring your team to start laughing. It’s proven to help improve communication skills as well as promote feelings of trust and focus among your team members.

Below are three comedy and improv team building companies located in New York that are sure to have your employees laughing from the moment they walk in the door.

Chicago City Limits – Don’t let the name fool you as Chicago City Limit’s is one of New York’s top comedy corporate team building companies. Their shows are created on the spot based on audience suggestions, which means their actors must think quickly on their feet, make unexpected decisions, and work together to seamlessly handle the unpredictable. These elements all make their way into the company’s corporate team building events, which are heavily focused upon teamwork. These are all skills that can be hugely beneficial back in the office.

National Comedy Theatre – Enjoy their custom comedy team building events no matter where you are! National Comedy Theatre is a national company that developed their own method of incorporating improv training into team building to help inspire employees to be better, more productive team members.

Stage Coach Improv – Stage Coach Improv is a country-wide team building company with programs designed to focus on promoting teamwork through humor. Their corporate team building events center around improving communication, creative collaboration, and cultivating confidence. They promise a fun day filled with laughing and learning about how to be a better team.