Go Green & Bond With Your Team

TeamBonding is one of our favorite company’s doing team building for businesses and we love their latest suggestions on turning your office eco-friendly!

With Earth Day right around the corner (tomorrow!), it’s time to focus on how to be a little kinder to the environment, especially at work. We think a focus on going green can be an awesome way to work a little team building into your day-to-day lives at the office without making it feel like a forced bonding activity.
Here are some of TeamBonding’s five tips on how to focus more on reducing your environmental footprint at work:
  • Reduce paper waste – We all know to stop printing wherever possible, but TeamBonding says the number one way we waste paper is with paper towels! Make an effort to use just one paper towel each time you wash your hands, and the environment will thank you. Encourage your teammates to do the same!
  • Reduce less plastic – There are numerous ways we use plastic when we don’t have to: water bottles, plates, cutlery, baggies. Invest in reusable products – bring regular forks, spoons, and knives to your desk, pick up a lunchbox, and snag a gorgeous refillable water bottle. If your team uses plastic cups at the water cooler, try to come up with a solution to replace them!

Read the rest of the post at TeamBonding.com here: https://www.teambonding.com/tips-greener-office/