How Team Building Influences Britain’s Davis-Cup Winning National Team

Team building isn’t just for business and companies. It plays a surprising but important role anytime there are groups of people working together to reach a common goal. The team captain of Britain’s Davis Cup-winning national tennis team recently spoke about how crucial team building was for his group.

According to Davis, the eight secrets to team building success are:

  1. Always maintain eye contact.
  2. Base difficult decisions on facts, not emotions.
  3. Let everyone stick to their usual habits and routines.
  4. Everyone needs to broaden their skillset.
  5. Never let your work environment go stale.
  6. Good teams are built on good preparation.
  7. Encourage the classic principles of hard work and reward.
  8. Teams don’t work unless everyone is having fun.

You can read more about Leon Smith’s team building secrets and why these are his eight commandments for success here:

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