Humans Vs. Zombies NYC

What They Do: They will organize a customized game of Humans Vs. Zombies for your team. Essentially, Human Vs. Zombies is a giant game of tag. For adults.

How They Do it:  They will customize the game for your team based on time frames and people, and facilitate the playing of the game. The teams will essentially fight each other, completing missions and racing around.

What makes them Special:  This is not a standard game of tag. It’s involved, and active and fun! No standard corporate ice breaker team activities here. Something unique for vibrant teams in need of a bit of a switch up.

Quotes from the Site

“We can arrange HvZ events to suit your needs, whether that’s a week-long adventure or just a few hours of intense fun. HvZ works great in parks and can even be set up indoors. All that we require is enough room for people to be able to run around, throw balled up socks at one another (or shoot foam dart blasters), and lose themselves in the experience.”

“Humans vs. Zombies requires you to put your “life” (or “un-life”) in the hands of your fellow players. Participants find themselves swept up in an absurd game of tag, and are left with a camaraderie that lasts long after they have stopped playing.”

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