Lucky Strike Team Bowling

What They Do: They supply you with a great atmosphere for your team to relax and have a good time, with a classic game of bowling!

How They Do it: The space! The lighting! The All-American menu! Balls and pins! Fantastic bowling experience…check! They are a little more hands off when it comes to promoting team work- but sometimes that is exactly what a team needs- to just relax and have a bit of fun!

What makes them Special: The space they have created is great- just a fun place to unwind, and loosen up. They have a plush private area, so that your team can feel comfortable, just hitting some pins.

Quote from the Website:

A healthy competitive bowling-based team building exercise can work for your hard-working team. Let Lucky Strike New York provide positive reinforcement of teamwork in an energetic atmosphere.”

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Contact Info: 

Phone: 818.933.3752

Email: [email protected]