Museum Hack Turning Heads in the City by the Bay

Museum Hack is an industry name in company team building in New York, but the renegade museum tour company is also starting to turn heads in Washington, DC and San Francisco. With their latest San Francisco expansion underway, the reviews are starting to roll in for team building activities in San Francisco, and it seems that the Bay Area is a fan of Museum Hack.

Mobile tech company Gigwalk is one of the most recent companies to head on a team building adventure with Museum Hack. The group of more than 30 employees, many of whom work remotely and don’t spend much time together in the office, journeyed to the de Young Museum for an afternoon of team bonding and activities.

Gigwalk Team Building

The group spent the afternoon touring the museum and engaging in fun activities and games like Buy, Steal, and Burn and The Match Maker. Museum Hack loves these activities as they help reveal parts of employees’ personalities that they likely don’t have an opportunity to share during the hectic day-to-day bustle and hustle of the office.

From there, Gigwalk participated in one of Museum Hack’s latest offerings in the team building world: their secret storytelling workshop where they reveal what makes up a “hack” and how the company uses stories to hook their audience.

Gigwalk loved it! Check out their company team building testimonial from their San Francisco bonding adventure here.