Lucky Strike


What They Do: Boost your positive team performance. Relax, play games and enjoy your bonding time at Lucky Strike New York.

How They Do it: A healthy competitive bowling-based team building exercise can work for your hard-working team.

What makes them Special: They provide the fusion of nightlife New York with bowling provides a vibrant atmosphere. You can enjoy all of the exclusive amenities their Luxe Lounge has.  There are 4 private lanes which is perfect for your team bonding.

Who should you contact: 646.829.0170



“Nobody wants to sit and listen to some high-priced guru’s theory of teamwork. Our method is a unique hands-on-get-out-of-your-chair and have FUN approach that will have everyone engergized and laughing from the beginning. It’s low impact and low stress.”

“They have the spirit and competitive nature of college drinking games (only without the drinking). And in a fun, non-threatening way, we quickly get everyone involved at the same time.”

“Our philosophy is that, if we can get you on your feet, laughing with each other, working together AND having fun, the next day when you enter the office, you’ll see your fellow co-workers in a whole new way.”