[Review] Museum Hack Team Building Museum Tours



Corporate team building events can often have the reverse effect if the participants are left feeling intentionally manipulated. But Museum Hack approaches team building from an entirely different angle.  This is an innovative new company that offers rather creative tours of some of New York’s most impressive museums.

Rather than the usual stuffy and almost silent walking tours provided by typical tour guides, the leaders of Museum Hack offer a more unique alternative filled with sexy backstories of individual paintings and strange, behind-the-scenes behaviors of the individual painters, sculptors and artists of some of the world’s most magnificent masterpieces.

The team building tours of Museum Hack:

  • Encourages team communication and collaboration
  • Promotes critical thinking skills through creative interaction and debate
  • Expands a team’s visualization techniques through the varying opinions and interpretations of art

Museum Hack can schedule a day tour or nighttime tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art or of the Museum of Natural History, carefully customizing the individual excursion based on the specific qualities or intended team building strategies of the group.  Their tour guides are funny, engaging, silly, and even downright musical at times, but the end result is always a happy team of satisfied customers who have bonded together to learn a new way at looking at any given challenge in a brand new light through the imaginative use of art.