Rock Paper Team: Team Building in NYC

What They Do: Rock Paper Team offers a diverse array of customized and fun team building activities in New York City to help you build stronger teams

How They Do it: They have over 10 different types of activities to help create an amazing group experience. With 15 years of experience in NYC-based team building, Rock Paper Team creates dynamic and customizable activities to make you team more productive and happy.

What makes them Special: Rock Paper Team’s motto is “Fun with a Purpose.” They have a huge variety of activities and you can mix and match in order to perfectly fit your company and team. From Metal Making, Sand Sculpting, Giving Back to Interactive Workshops, Rock Paper Team has something for everyone 

Quote from the Website: “For people who work together, it’s good to discover skills, strengths, and synergies. Even better to have fun in the process. Rock Paper Team creates customized events that uncover talents while building laughter and affection. Team developers to our core, we organize activities that bring your teams closer—and make your workdays productive and delightful.”

Who should you contact: [email protected]

Check out their website here: