Sidewalk Food Tours

What They Do: Sidewalk Food Tours is an incredible chance for your team to step outside their day-to-day environment and immerse themselves in the city they spend so much time in. Sample the best of the area’s hottest spots, amazing mom-and-pop eateries, and authentic ethnic restaurants.

What Makes Them Special:Their private team building activities, which start at $79pp during the day or $89pp in the evening, include lunch or dinner tastings — and they offer the ability to upgrade to include drinks! Sidewalk Food Tours is committed to showing guests the real side of their city’s incredible, unmatchable food scene.

Quote from the Website:

“I had a great time on this walking tour. Our guide was very generous and made us fell right out home, while he walked us to some of the most delicious, authentic and historical eateries on this side of NYC. From his stories I got a good feeling of the Lower East Side neighborhood: it’s history and cultural influence on the island of Manhattan. I had a wonderful time, and my belly was happily filled with a variety of tastings. I loved experiencing this piece of New York with you.”


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