Team Bonding Activities for Large Groups

Planning activities for large groups is always a difficult proposition. When the activities pertain to team bonding, however, things get even more complicated. The reason for this is: because of the size of the group, not all activities will be able to deliver the feeling of connectedness that is required to get co-workers to bond and form profitable relationships—the types that impact productivity in a positive manner.

Luckily for Managers and HR reps, we have put together a list of team bonding activities that are effective for large companies (up to 100 people). Here are some of the best ones:

A Museum Hack group on a scavenger hunt.
A Museum Hack group on a team bonding scavenger hunt.

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5 Highly Effective Team Bonding Ideas

According to this article by Huffington Post, performance indicators have shown that teams that work together are more efficient/productive than those that work in isolation. In high-pressure environments and at workplaces where the collective effort of many people with varying skillsets are required, it becomes doubly important that team members work as a unit. A good way to bring team members together and foster a good working relationship between them is through team bonding games and activities.

Here are some team bonding ideas that employers/managers can use to get their workers to connect effectively:

Team bonding is a great way to improve office morale.

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