Team building in NYC
What They Do: Fold origami into your world with Taro’s Origami Studio! Taro’s Origami Studio is dedicated to the art and expression of origami folding. By folding origami one at a time with focus and care, one can enjoy the beauty of the process itself while your creativity is expressed from a sheet of paper to something completely new. Taro’s Origami Studio offers Hands-on corners, classes and workshops for all ages and levels. Taro’s Origami Studio expands upon the traditional art of Japanese culture by creating new platforms utilizing touch-screen based origami software. We also offer packages so that origami can be enjoyed as a group, allowing this art to be shared in a special moment & time.
How They Do it: You can visit us at the studio in Park Slope, or we can travel to you! Our services include:
  • Tablet Session
    We bring up to 10 tablets with our origami software and set them up, either at one station, or around the room. The tablets walk guests through each origami with animated step-by-step  instructions, while an instructor moves around the room or station, helping as needed.
  • Group Lesson
    This is a full-on group lesson. This option has an instructor guiding the whole group through the origami models for up to 20 people.
  • Over the Table Session
    This is an option where your guests can make a request for the model that they would like to fold with our origami expert, who will teach them from memory.
  • Origami Performance
    Our origami expert will roam your space and interact with guests, all while folding beautiful paper creations for them to take home.
  • Giant Origami
    For true paper spectacle, our artists can create larger than life origami creations, either as a display or during a live performance.

What Makes Them Special: Origami is an artform that anyone can pick up and the creative possibilities are infinitely expandable. It fosters Social Development, Cooperative Learning, Multicultural Awareness, Problem-solving, Spatial Relationships, Memorization, and Imagination. Taro’s Origami Studio is the only company in the nation dedicated solely to teaching and sharing the classic art of paperfolding. Taro’s boasts a roster of experienced, knowledgeable artists who incorporate Taro’s unique teaching Method. Rather than teach model to model, Taro’s method teaches the common folds and bases that make up the popular language of paperfolding, so that students can quickly master a wide variety of models.
Quote from the Site: “Creativity expressed through a single sheet of paper,” Taro Yaguchi, founder of Taro’s Origami Studio. The endless flow of creativity is in each of us. Our mission is to create an environment where freedom of expression is encouraged through origami folding.

Who should you contact: Email: [email protected], Phone: (718) 360-5435
Social Media Accounts:
Address: Taro’s Origami Studio, 95 7th Avenue, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11215