Team Bonding Activities for Large Groups

Planning activities for large groups is always a difficult proposition. When the activities pertain to team bonding, however, things get even more complicated. The reason for this is: because of the size of the group, not all activities will be able to deliver the feeling of connectedness that is required to get co-workers to bond and form profitable relationships—the types that impact productivity in a positive manner.

Luckily for Managers and HR reps, we have put together a list of team bonding activities that are effective for large companies (up to 100 people). Here are some of the best ones:

A Museum Hack group on a scavenger hunt.
A Museum Hack group on a team bonding scavenger hunt.

Kart Racing

Let your team members channel their inner Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel on scaled-down racecourses. To forestall safety issues, visit a top-of-the-range racecourse; they have the latest racing gear and a comprehensive briefing on safe practices are given before every race.

Kart racing is one of corporate America’s favorite team bonding activity and justifiably so. The thrill and boisterous fun that this activity offers cannot be adequately quantified with words, and its effect on team building is only surpassed by how breathtaking it is. If you have a large group, you can send them out in batches while the others bond over drinks and race banter in the lounge/hospitality suite.

Beach Volleyball

Volleyball on the beach with the ocean breeze blowing across your face and hair; there are definitely worse ways to pass the time and bond as a team. This game doesn’t require too many items, just a ball and a line in the sand will do. Split the participants into 5-aside teams and create as many emergency courts as you need along the beachside. The location, the competition, the camaraderie, and the unrestrained fun combines to create a very nurturing atmosphere. Watch co-workers become friends in a matter of minutes.

Barbeque Picnic

There aren’t many things that help people bond as quickly as free food. Organize a casual outdoor barbeque for your workers during a summer evening and see how effectively it helps them connect. If the gathering is particularly large, you may need to organize some side events to ensure that people mingle sufficiently. Board games, ping pong, and other team activities should do the trick.


Nearly all major cities in the world have paintball fields and companies looking for some excitement can take their workers there for an hour (or more) of competitive paintballing. Participants are split into groups and given toy guns filled with paint capsules. They wear coveralls and face masks for protection, and members of one team try to hit the competition with as much paint capsules as possible. The team with the most hits win.

Scavenger Hunts

You can create as many teams as you want for this activity. Each team is given a set of tasks e.g. take a selfie with a stranger holding a dog, use given clues to find objects that were hidden before the game, and so on.  The team to finish their tasks fastest wins.

Organizing some of the activities listed above may not as easy they sound. However, there are some companies that provide exciting team building and bonding services. Reach out to them, then sit back and enjoy as your workers bond like never before.