The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off exists for a simple reason: to marry team building activities with that most delicious of foods knows as the avocado. Whether you smash it, mash it, stir it or just order it, everyone loves a little guac.

When you do your team building or team bonding activity with the Great Guac Off, you can expect:

  • fun games like Punacado and an updated version of happy cup
  • adult story time, with some of the wildest facts you never knew about avocados
  • snacks! including chips, veggies and salsa to eat with your guac
  • more than just a guac making competition
  • fun, active, engaging competition for your whole team

The Great Guac Off is available throughout NYC (and in other cities as well). They operate out of a network of rental spaces, which means they can usually get a location close to your office. The prices seem reasonable, especially once you include the cost of food you would otherwise pay for at a restaurant.

Overall, if your team is into cooking competitions and loves to eat, a guac off could be a perfect fit for you!

Learn more on The Great Guac Off website.