Top Companies Choose Fun, Interactive Team Building Activities

There’s been a shift in corporate team building activities from trust falls and nature retreats to fun and intrigue. A recent Forbes article profiled The Go-Game Guys, a New York team building company that promotes corporate events that are all about interactivity, creativity, and entertainment. The Go-Game Guys have spent more than a decade (and have run over 10,000 game events!) refining their corporate team building techniques.

Jenny Gottstein, the company’s director, sat down with Forbes to discuss the new trends in corporate team building and how her business is among New York’s top companies for team bonding success. Gottstein agreed that there has been a shift in how companies approach team building. Companies like Facebook and Uber are no longer opting for traditional corporate events; instead, she said, they’re looking for something that is “not only wildly entertaining, but deeply impactful.” To go a step further, she said companies have begun using their creative team building activities as a tool for recruitment, and intern events have started to creep up in popularity. Team building has changed from times where it was a dreaded day full of corny activities; today, top companies know that it can be a secret weapon not only to attract but to retain the best talent.

Ultimately, though, Gottstein and other top team building companies in New York know that while corporate bonding events must be fun,  they must also be effective. Whether it’s through an interactive game with The Go-Game Guys or a scandalous secret scavenger hunt of a world-famous museum with Museum Hack, corporate team building must still promote core company values, team trust, and effective communication among employees.

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At the end of the day, it’s about finding value in the events – and Gottstein noted that millenials are among the most likely population to appreciate what they get out of a company team bonding day. It’s worth mentioning Gottstein revealed that millenials do, however, tend to shy away from corny, cheesy events, but find a company like The Go-Game Guys or Museum Hack to help plan the event, and your entire team will be raving about the experience.