Top Team Building Cooking Classes in NYC

Cooking classes are a super popular idea for Team Building in NYC. It’s easy to see why, you and your team learn some new skills, drink a bit of wine, and share some great homemade food!

Luckily for us, since they are so popular, there are more then a handful to choose from. From learning how to build the perfect New York Style Pizza, to an instructor that specializes in serenading your team as they cook pasta- there is something for every kind of team in the city.

Here are our Top Ten Cooking Class Picks:

1. My Cooking Party

All about fun! They want to make this a party- it is not just about skills, it is really about having a great time together.

2. Cooking by the Book

Cooking by the Book look specifically at your teams needs, and not just inside the kitchen. Their focus is really on working on your teams strengths and weaknesses, helping your team become stronger and better knit.

3. Rustico Cooking Class 

Oh let’s go Italian! These guys specialize in superb Italian food and wine, and the skills it takes to make tasty meals.

4. Brooklyn Wineries

Wine, wine, and more….wine! This is a classy spot, where your team can learn about blending, tasting and wine making, while getting a bit merry with each other.

5. Brooklyn Kitchen

Brooklyn Kitchen is all about fresh and local. High quality, local ingredients drive this cooking course- you won’t find anything else quite like this in the world!

6. ICE

Learn to do it like the the professionals. Institute of Culinary Education’s Cooking course are super diverse, and for people who are serious about learning how to cook well.

7. Natural Gourmet

Is your team a bit on the health conscious side? Natural Gourmet will teach you how to make wholesome, well balanced meals, and can cater to loads of dietary requirements.

8. Pizza School

New York Style Pizza is the best pizza in the world. We believe it, and so does A Casa Pizza School! They will teach you the art of dough making, topping and cooking a perfect pie.

9. Cooking A Cappella

Is your team up for some singing? The charismatic instructor Lawrence Rush creates a truly different cooking course, an evening full of music and good food, for the teams that love to be thoroughly entertained.

10. Food Fix Kitchen

For something more family and home oriented, you can either visit their kitchen in New Jersey, or they will come to you and create an easy, comfortable course for you and your staff.

There are a lot of choices, depending on the preferences and needs of your team, but either way combining some fun and finger-licking food is always a great way to bring people together!