TrivWorks Team Building

What They Do: They aim to get you and your staff talking with one another, and while they are talking, they will bond! Using a relaxed, yet competitive atmosphere, their entire aim is to help your team open up.

How They Do it: Through a trivia game.  Adverse to boring “trust” games and obstacle courses, TrivWorks will work with you to create a Trivia night, balancing the diversity in your team to get people talking and making connections in new ways.

What makes them Special: This is not just a “lets stick everyone in a room and they will bond” type operation, the people behind TrivWorks have thought a lot about what each company needs, and how to best support them to build strong teams.

Quotes from their Site: 

Once people start talking and getting to know one another better, they will realize not only things which they have in common, but see each other in a fresh light. This is the key to creating teams and workplaces which are truly happy, fostering positive workplace skills such as collaboration, communication and smart conflict resolution which are so vital to producing great team results.”

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