Unarthodox NYC Team Building


What They Do:  A creative space for experimenting with art, dance and technology, Unarthodox has an large array of immersive and creative activities for teams. Think blind sculpting, awesome improv games, and serious digital storytelling.  Examples: Paint & Sip Party, Intuitive Art,  Sculpture without Sight, Improv Land, Virtual Reality Storytelling, and Imagine Picture This.

How They Do it: Unarthodox combines all the arts into one immersive and exciting experience. By promoting creativity and relaxation, Unarthodox gets your team thinking, bonding, and collaborating.

What Makes Them Special: They combine everything from improv to art to writing! They don’t just help your team get creative with one medium or art form, they give you endless opportunity! Plus, making a virtual reality short film – that’s the coolest thing ever!

Quotes From Their Website:

“Just get your team together and come to Unarthodox for a unique, immersive experience that will bring you and your coworkers together like never before!”

“Team Bonding through improvisation is both fun and effective. Our instructors will design interactive improv games specifically for your team that will start with fun, ice-breaker games, and transitions into storytelling and collaboration exercises. Whether you’re integrating new employees, hosting a summit with people from different departments or just looking for a fun, collaborative day with the team, then the  Improv Team Bonding Series at Unarthodox will be a sure hit!”

“Imagine a creative space where you can experiment with different forms of art, explore your body through movement and dance, and tap into your creativity using modern technology.”

Visit Their Website: http://www.unarthodox.com/team-building-group-outing/

Contact: [email protected]

547 West 27th Street, Suite 300, New York, NY 10001