3 Ways To Upgrade Your Staff With Team Building

We’re all about team building here at TeamBuildNYC, so we love finding articles and testimonials that extol the virtues of company team building.

In a recent blog post, Museum Hack identified three corporate team building strategies that will instantly upgrade your staff. Museum Hack suggests that the three main elements critical to successful team building are icebreakers that promote fun and bonding, company trainages, and forming deep connections.

Each element requires varying degrees of commitment. Any office can begin implementing routine fun icebreakers without a significant financial investment. Some of the other suggestions, including trainages, may require a bit more of a time and financial investment, but Museum Hack notes in their post that the return of investment for their company team building events has been more than worth it.

Museum Hack’s suggestion to host routine company trainages is particularly intriguing and an under-discussed aspect of corporate team bonding. Museum Hack’s New York staff makes an effort to get together about once a month for these events. Both part-time and full-time employees are invited to a new location and the company invests in a consultant to teach a new skill. For example, Museum Hack has hired an improv consultant in the past. Each activity is fun and requires engagement, but also teaches critical skills that will help build a stronger team.

At the end of the day, that’s what corporate team building is about – you want to have the best, strongest team that you can possibly have. Why not invest in a few strategies that will help get you there?