Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts from Watson Adventures in NYC

  • If you want to turn your next company outing or team building into an adventure, Scavenger Hunts of Watson Adventures is a perfect idea.
  • Watson Adventures’ Scavenger Hunts use tricky and witty questions in various fast-paced games, which can bring out the best in a particular city. Aside from that, this can also bring out the best in you or your teammates.
  • The team building hunts of Watson Adventures became very popular and considered by numerous prestigious companies because of its offered benefits and exceptional activities that could bring fun and enjoyment to everyone in your company!



There are several activities involved in Scavenger Hunts of Watson Adventures. Some of these include flagship, classic hunts, outdoor hunts, wide range of games, and questions with rewards. Each activity highlights teamwork, which is an important thing in every company.

Watson Adventures also uses an interactive app, which can let you receive real-time answers from other people who are also connected into this app. This app of Watson Adventures is compatible to almost all devices like Android and iPhone.

The best thing about the activities involved in Scavenger Hunts is that there are skills or knowledge required. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and sharp mind.

What You Need to Know About Watson Adventures

They are known for being dedicated to superior scavenger hunts and outstanding adventures. Bret Watson is the founder of this company. He is a veteran editor and writer. He is also an occasional comedian. He started making scavenger hunts in the early 1990s for friends. This is his way to share his exceptional take on the museum’s lighter side. Because of the uniqueness of his concept, many companies started to ask Bret to allow them to get in the game. Then, Watson Adventures, as a company, was born.

Ever since it was established, many corporates and businesses were encouraged to consider Watson Adventures for team buildings or corporate outing as they know that scavenger hunts provide something that typical trainings can’t provide.


Benefits of Considering Scavenger Hunts from Watson Adventures in NYC

Other than the enjoyment that Scavenger Hunts brought to corporates or companies, these can also provide numerous benefits. Companies that consider team building activities like what Watson Adventures offer can boost employees’ productivity. This just means that it can make more money for companies.

Another benefit of Scavenger Hunts is that this increases one’s morale. Also, it provides fun to each employee of the company. This can be key for your employees to feel more appreciated and energized. Teamwork is another highlight of Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts, which can be a good thing especially for almost all companies. In this way, you don’t need more trainings just to let your employees develop more skills, which can boost your company’s productivity.

There are other benefits that you could enjoy from Scavenger Hunts from Watson Adventures. So, if you are planning to experience a one of a kind team building for your company, then contact Watson Adventures at the soonest date!
We’ve had a lot of inquiries about these (Watson Scavenger Hunts in NYC) and wanted to add some more details.

  • Watson Adventures team building activities can accomplish a number of things. It can foster a sense of community and togetherness amongst the employees of your company. It can also give your employees a fantastic, creative way to blow off some steam and have a good time.
  • Their scavenger hunts utilize the location you wish to hold the event at, combining this with a variety of unique touches…. for example, we recently heard from a major NYC consulting company who did a hunt in Midtown for 200+ people using this method.

Other offerings from Watson Adventures:

  • Grab ‘n’ Go Scavenger Hunts are very popular, allowing employees to enjoy all the benefits of a scavenger hunt in virtually any location imaginable.
  • The Trivia Slam activity offers the same benefits as the scavenger hunt, but it is an activity that can be held in settings that do not lend themselves to the scavenger hunt concept.