Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

Corporate events provide a break from the status quo, giving workers an opportunity to escape workplace tension and relate with one another in a relaxed setting. Also, because these events are few and far between, it is important that they provide enough fun and excitement to keep the workers pumped for weeks after.

However, because of how much it differs from the challenges they face every week, managers often struggle to come up with ideas on how to make corporate events entertaining and memorable. If you have a corporate event coming up and you need ideas on how to spice things up, check out the activities outlined below:

Food Stations

This is a no-brainer and it is a vital part of any successful event. Everyone loves to excite their taste buds and try out different types of food; foods that they may not have the time or opportunity to try out otherwise. A buffet of local and international dishes, a customizable cocktail bar, a donut wall etc. will go a long way in keeping your workers and their guests occupied and entertained.

Photo Booths

Pictures create visual memories and photo booths make events memorable, literally and figuratively. Your workers get to turn the glam on and become celebrities, at least for an hour or two, taking selfies, silly pictures, group photos et cetera. These pictures will provide some laughter in the office in the weeks to come and it allows everyone to recollect how much fun they had at the event.


A small games arena with arcade games, a basketball hoop, darts and so on will keep the fun going. Prizes may also be given out to winners to stoke the competition and keep the games exciting.


Mini-casinos will be important for people who do not have the appetite to stand around and play arcade games or shoot hoops. They can just sit around, relax with a beer while playing cards or rolling dice.

Celebrity Mimics

You can never go wrong with mimics and it is always hilarious when people attempt to make impressions of famous people or celebrities. Whether it’s a good impression or a bad one, it is sure to get everyone bawling over in laughter.

For example, every person that does an impression of Marlon Brando in “The Godfather” or Al Pacino in “Scarface”—2 very memorable characters in film history—think they do it best and will try hard to make sure everyone in attendance thinks so too.

Good Music

The last—and most important point—is good music. While all the activities listed above are going on, music is the fuel that keeps the fun going. Here is why providing good music is non-negotiable: if the music is good, people nod their heads, dance on, and remain relaxed. If the music isn’t up to scratch, every little thing frustrates the guests and they get irritable quickly.

Remember, an event is not successful because everything went according to plan. It is successful because the guests left smiling and satisfied. For a corporate event, this feeling of contentment will surely linger and perhaps even lead to increased productivity during the following weeks.