Company Team Building Activities

Nothing engenders efficiency and result delivery like a feeling of connectedness and team culture among workers. As a result, the continued productivity of any company or organization becomes threatened when staff members do not see themselves as members of the same team. If you’ve noticed a disconnectedness among the personnel in your workplace, there’s nothing to worry about. Below, we’ve put together a couple of activities here that will help forge a strong bond among your company staff and keep everyone on the same page.

How about some friendly competition for company team building?

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The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off exists for a simple reason: to marry team building activities with that most delicious of foods knows as the avocado. Whether you smash it, mash it, stir it or just order it, everyone loves a little guac.

When you do your team building or team bonding activity with the Great Guac Off, you can expect:

  • fun games like Punacado and an updated version of happy cup
  • adult story time, with some of the wildest facts you never knew about avocados
  • snacks! including chips, veggies and salsa to eat with your guac
  • more than just a guac making competition
  • fun, active, engaging competition for your whole team

The Great Guac Off is available throughout NYC (and in other cities as well). They operate out of a network of rental spaces, which means they can usually get a location close to your office. The prices seem reasonable, especially once you include the cost of food you would otherwise pay for at a restaurant.

Overall, if your team is into cooking competitions and loves to eat, a guac off could be a perfect fit for you!

Learn more on The Great Guac Off website.

Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

Corporate events provide a break from the status quo, giving workers an opportunity to escape workplace tension and relate with one another in a relaxed setting. Also, because these events are few and far between, it is important that they provide enough fun and excitement to keep the workers pumped for weeks after.

However, because of how much it differs from the challenges they face every week, managers often struggle to come up with ideas on how to make corporate events entertaining and memorable. If you have a corporate event coming up and you need ideas on how to spice things up, check out the activities outlined below:

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Team Bonding Activities for Large Groups

Planning activities for large groups is always a difficult proposition. When the activities pertain to team bonding, however, things get even more complicated. The reason for this is: because of the size of the group, not all activities will be able to deliver the feeling of connectedness that is required to get co-workers to bond and form profitable relationships—the types that impact productivity in a positive manner.

Luckily for Managers and HR reps, we have put together a list of team bonding activities that are effective for large companies (up to 100 people). Here are some of the best ones:

A Museum Hack group on a scavenger hunt.
A Museum Hack group on a team bonding scavenger hunt.

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Fun Group Activities in NYC

Some people have lived in New York for decades but haven’t had the chance to visit most of its historic sites. They pass by these places on their way to work and admire it from afar with plans to visit, but they never find the time. As a company, startup, or nonprofit in NY, you can organize outings to these sites and help your employees find the fun they’ve been missing out on.

Here are some exciting places for fun group activities in New York:

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Exciting Team Building Games

People who spend most of their waking hours in the office need as much fun as they can get. Yes, they have the weekends free, but after doing their laundry, getting groceries, and visiting friends, the rest of the weekend is used to sleep in preparation for another long and stress-filled week; they hardly have any room for excitement.

Therefore, as an HR rep or Manager, it is important that once in a while, you set aside a day (Friday preferably) for your workers to come into the office and have a fun outing with the same people they work so hard with. This will not only help them let some steam off, partaking with their colleagues also helps create stronger inter-office bonds.

Here are some activities that are exciting as well as beneficial for team building:

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Fun Group Activities for Adults

Happy New Year! Are you starting to think about team building in 2019?

In offices where there are more adult-aged employees or a near-equal mix of youth and adults, it may be important to organize games that are fun for the adults as well as the young employees. For example, 50-year-olds may not find so much excitement in games like “helium stick” or “silent circle”; these pose too much physical toll and over time, they may get bored.

Here are some ideas for fun group activities that adults (and everyone else, really) can enjoy:

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Some Problem Solving Activities for Team Building

If you have a group of workers that are struggling to work effectively with one another, you may need to consider alternative ways to get them to connect/cooperate/bond over non-work related exercises. Below are some problem-solving activities that work well for team building:

Problem solving activities can help strengthen your team.

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