New Co-Working Space for Women Opens in NYC

The Wing, a new co-working space designed exclusively for women, is opening in NYC. The Wing is located in the famous Ladies Mile Historic District, the Broadway stretch that turned into the prime shopping destination for New York women in the 19th century. Having served as a sign of women empowerment in the past, the location is now revitalized by the Wing’s female team who strive to develop it into a flexible space encouraging communication and personal growth.

The Wing’s founder, Audrey Gelman, has professional experience as a political and public relations consultant and came with the idea after struggling to find a place where she could do her job while feeling ‘at home’. In a society where the rules have been historically written by men, the Wing offers an alternative – a home-base for all women, designed for genuine connection and utter convenience. The Wing’s team strives to establish the location as the prime offline destination where women of all ages and backgrounds can build their careers, skills, and relationships in an environment encouraging a sense of female empowerment.

Currently, the Wing offers more than just co-working space. On location, women can find a living room to relax, unwind and get ready to conquer the world, secure storage facilities, various programs and events dedicated to inspire and educate, as well as numerous opportunities to grab a delicious snack, a charging station, and even a lactation room. Women can apply and take advantage of all the amazing amenities and base of the Wing for a monthly fee of $185, or an annual fee of $1950, with all memberships offering being annual commitments.