3 Fun and Active Team Building Events!

Corporate team building doesn’t have to be boring or involve sitting around conference tables, getting to know your coworkers through ice breaker questions or otherwise routine methods. Why not shake things up a bit and get active with your team?

For many of us, our jobs involve spending much of the day sitting in front of a computer screen. What better way to treat your employees than by getting them up from their desks and outside into the fresh air for a fun, active team building event?

Below are three cool companies in New York that are revolutionizing corporate team building with on-the-go activities!

The Go Game Guys – The Go Game guys are all about fun! Your team will choose what game(s) they’d like to play, and the Go Game Guys will help set it from start to finish. So go ahead, get out of the office, and blow off a little steam all while connecting with your employees in a way (fun!) way.

Humans vs. ZombiesWhy not put together a giant game of adult tag? Humans vs. Zombies will help you do all that and more as you and your team stretch your legs and enjoy an afternoon away from the office! Humans vs. Zombies is an especially awesome outdoor team building activity.

Chelsea Piers – Chelsea Piers offers something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a corporate golf day, want to play pick-up basketball, or just want to turn your team loose on the batting cages, you’ll find it at Chelsea Piers. With indoor and outdoor team building activities to choose from, Chelsea Piers is perfect for active team building events any time of year.