Forbes Suggests In-Office Team Building Activities

In a recent article for Forbes, AJ Agrawal, CEO and co-founder of Alumnify Inc., writes about the importance of team building activities and suggests ten exercises senior management can try with their team to improve office morale today. Agrawal throws out some frightening statistics – including the fact that 80% of Americans surveyed have said they often feel stressed at work. Below are some of Agrawal’s suggestions for team building activities to help everyone have a little more fun during the daily grind:

  • Helium Stick – Your team members line up facing each other. You’ll place a long thin rod on everyone’s index finger and it’s their job to lower themselves and the rod to the ground.
  • Mine Field – Find a big, open space, and place some objects on the ground. Those are your mines. Divvy your team up into groups and blindfold one person from each pair. It’s their partner’s job to guide them across the space without getting blown up by a mine.
  • Pipeline – This is a great game no matter how big or small your group is. Each team member will get one piece of half-pipe tubing. It’s up to your team to get the marble from one end of the pipe to the other without it dropping to the ground.

For the full list of Agrawal’s top ten activities, visit:

Do you have a favorite in-office team building activity? We’d love to hear about it!