Here’s How To Create The Best Team Possible

If you’re here on, chances are, you understand the importance of building a strong, cohesive team – and you appreciate the fact that this isn’t always an organic process.

In a recent post for, Glassdoor’s CEO Robert Hohman gives his advice for how you can build your best team yet.

Hohman, who previously worked at Expedia and Microsoft, has three majors takeaways for managers looking to revitalize their employees.

First? You need a mission statement. Hohman tells Fortune: “A mission statement helps define the mountain that you want your employees to climb, and management has to lead employees along this path so they’re engaged and growing in their careers.”

Next, you must have core values.

Lastly, Hohman says all teams should welcome feedback and transparency.

Read the full post and more of Hohman’s reasoning here:

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