Team Building From The Animal Kingdom

Our friends at Museum Hack recently posted an article we love and want to share with you at Team Build NYC!

Museum Hack took a look at the seven team building lessons we can learn from animals. Check out some of the best team building that happens in the wild below!

The Cattle Egret: Teamwork for the Win

The Cattle Egret is often seen perching on cattle or other grazing mammals. The egret eats parasites off of the cattle’s body and often warns about oncoming predators. Cattle shake up grass and dust, disturbing insects for the egret to eat.

Tip: Teamwork between different departments can foster success while communication between different departments builds stronger relationships.

Canada Geese: Leadership is Flexible

The flying V formation is used by Canada Geese for migrating long distances. If the leader at the apex of the V gets tired or sick, another goose will take its place (Emerald Research Register). This ability to rotate leadership shows how important it is, not only for leaders but for a whole team to be flexible and watch out for each other.

Tip: Be alert and aware of the needs of your team members. Flexibility and delegation when it comes to leadership are key to a successful team.

For more animal team building lessons, read the full post here: