TeamBonding Announces New Corporate Team Building Events

One of New York’s premiere corporate team building companies has announced three new escape-the-room-style team building events. TeamBonding’s new activities include three games that force teams to work together to free themselves from a seemingly impossible-to-escape room. The games include:

  • Safe Cracker – Safe Cracker comes to you! It’s a mobile escape room with a countdown clock that really encourages team members to feel the pressure and work together. Your team won’t have to travel to experience the benefits of company team building.

  • Escape From Hotel California – Escape From Hotel California is unique in that it’s a totally virtual team building event! Now your company can bond from anywhere – your meeting room, hotel, conference center, or even outdoors as long as you’ve got the right hook-ups! Escape From Hotel California is a treasure hunt full of clues, maps, and puzzles that will help your team come together to solve their problem. Escape From Hotel California is company team building no matter where you are! It doesn’t have to be unique to team building in New York.
  • Escape From Werewolf Village – Licensed from SCRAP, Escape from Werewolf Village takes team building to bigger, bolder levels! It can be brought to teams across the country.

There you have it! Three incredible, fun, and challenging new company team building events from TeamBonding!